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Alliance: i Am Me

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i Am Me [iAM]

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    Welcome fellow Guardians to i.Am.Me! We wish to build a strong, mature and supportive community that endeavours to fulfil the best gaming experience for our members. As a group we are excited to rally in PVP, Clan vs Clan and Events! However our main focus in Destiny is to be active in the game modes 'Strike' a cooperative multiplayer, 'Explore' an on-demand adventure and 'Tower' a third person social space where we can relax and socialise with one another. We are also an international clan that is based in Australia. So we welcome all, near or far. As you may know we seek for mature and sensible players, meaning we have an age restriction of 18years + However this restriction is not locked. Young bloods can still join but any inappropriate behaviour will not be tolerated and will result in you leaving the clan/fireteam.

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