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Alliance: The Oblivion Alliance

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Guardians of Steel [GOS]

"Hell Yeah!"

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     G O S  Guardians Of Steel: We are a small and dedicated group of Guardians looking to Raid & PvP together weekly. We do everything from Daily Heroics, Strikes and Raids on a daily baisis. We are a friendly clan and help all our Guardians level up, get grimoire score, dead ghosts, fragments, farm materials & Glimmer, even do glitches and easter eggs. We strongly encourage Comunication, Conectivity, and Co-operation with every player no matter rank or playstyle Requirements: *Playing weekly *Mic *Beeing Friendly(atleast to clan) & Positive Expectations: (what you can expect from us [Leaders] to provide for you) * Community Raids (speed runs too) Every week well have atleast 3-4 days to Raid *Community PvP Every week 3-4 days we'll PvP together

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