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Dads of Destiny

"A community for gaming Dads."

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The Dads of Destiny is a group for the fathers among the gaming community to get together to chat about all things gaming, fatherhood, juggling children and video games, and really anything else at all. We keep things relaxed and casual, as some of us may be sleep-deprived. If you feel the need to whine, moan, or flame, do it elsewhere. Get registered at [url][/url] to take use of an LFG shout box, member directory, raid calendar, and forums for Destiny and other games. [url=][Destiny, DAI, & GTAV Forums Here][/url] [url=][Find Dads by Console and Time Zone][/url] [url=][Find & Create Clans Here][/url] [url=][Use the Shout Box to Group Up Now][/url]


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