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Prison of Elders
Prison of Elders
Fireteam Size: 1 - 3
Level 41
Recommended Light 260
What is it?

The Prison of Elders is an arena-style activity located in the Reef where players may team up and face off against the prisoners of the House of Judgement. 

After completing a Prison of Elders activity, players may then venture into a room below the airlock, which offers the riches of the Reef.

For more information, please see our PRISON OF ELDERS FAQ

  • Completing Level 41 Prison of Elders once every week will reward a Sterling Treasure!
  • Level 41 Prison of Elders may be completed for Legendary Marks instead of Weekly Heroic Strikes.
Legendary Marks x 10
(Weekly Bonus Remaining: 3)
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