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Challenge Accepted: Your Worst Nightmare

In the last Mail Sack, the brave heroes of were asked to confront their worst fears. Through the magic of digital illustration, we challenged them to fill a space in our game with that which they fear the most.  You can see all of the entries in the conversation that resulted on our forum.

Here are the visages of dread and loathing that we liked the most.

Devilito dares not trespass beyond this first line of defense.

Dont Pass Gass fears the dust and echoes of old Easter eggs.

JimmyC released a terror of mythic proportions.

Kromium gave hideous life to a creature he calls the Bravemind.

Matt forecast troubling weather, with nary a chainsaw to save us.

Seahorsedream diagnosed a serious spider problem.

Svenot really shouldn't have cut class as often as he did.

One of these horrifying visions will win a free Destiny t-shirt. You can help us choose the artist to be so decorated. Visit our forum to cast a vote. Election tampering will be met with justice so swift that even King Solomon would say "Dude..."  Play nice.
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