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Bungie Store Restocked

Destiny swag is inbound! Starting tomorrow, and for as long as our celebration of Bungie Day lasts, it will be on sale. Some of the proceeds will even go to charity.

Ever since we kicked off this week-long celebration of you (and people like you), the outpouring of affection has taken on several forms. We unleashed digital loot to decorate your legacy, your forum profile, and the screens of the gadgets you use to keep in touch with the Seventh Column. Today, you're getting access to real-world merchandise. Is your body ready? How about your game room?

The uniforms we wore during our invasion of E3 have been restocked. Tomorrow, they go on sale.

The Guardians that adorned the theater where we played Destiny before the world for the first time are available to watch over you when it's your turn to play.

An autographed, limited-edition lithograph of award-winning concept art is available for your wall. The money you spend on this rare vision of Mars will benefit Child's Play Charity.

Our doors are open. The shelves are stocked (for now), and everything must go. On July 6th, everything will be 20% off. If you can't wait until then, please make your way slowly and carefully to the Bungie Store. No pushing or shoving, lest we kick your ass. This sale will last until July 14th. As Bungie Day passes into memory, so does your chance to save money on awesome gear.

This has been a Bungie Day swag attack. Please stay tuned for the next wave of the party.
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