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Loot Drop

A lot of communities are defined by a pecking order. This inescapable phenomenon starts in school, where the big kids dump the little kids’ books on the floor. Later on, we graduate to worrying about what car we drive. This battle of elitism finds its way to the Internet, where wizened cyber-squatters lay in wait for new registrants so they can brag about the fact they’re kind of a big deal.

On, we like to think we’re more inclusive than your average online haunt. We aim to provide a brightly-lit clubhouse where gamers of every breed can swap ideas and trade barbs. New members are the life-blood of any community, so we welcome them with open arms as they knock on our door. 

As much as we love our newbs, we also can’t help but adore the ancients – those old souls who have stuck with us through light and darkness.  For the first dance of our celebration, we’ve taken steps to decorate them in observance of the years they’ve spent with us. To make sure that they don’t go completely drunk with power, however, and to keep them on the razor’s edge of evolution, we’ve designed our new cool table to make room for the new blood as well.

Can you find the first signs of loot? Here’s a hint. Visit our forum (any forum on will do). Click on some names.

If you just joined us, don’t lose heart. We’ve given you something to strive for. These marvelous baubles are available to you as well, given enough time, so stick around. If you’ve been here for years (and years and years), we thank you. This new system will let you strut your longevity. The best part about this loot drop is that it’s only the first of its kind. 

This is just the beginning of how you’ll demonstrate your prowess as a member of this community. If you haven’t heard, we have big plans for how you’ll evolve and grow over time. will be no exception. If you can go the distance, you’ll discover new and exciting ways to elevate your profile to truly mythic status.

Bungie Week is just getting started. Don’t miss the rest of the parade as it rolls through town.
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