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Bungie "Week"

Right now, the uninitiated are thinking: “Have these jokers finally lost their minds? Bungie has gone and invented a holiday in honor of themselves?” If you be a loyal member of the Seventh Column, you know the truth – and that’s why this is your time.

Bungie Day has always been a celebration. It’s like Valentine’s Day, only with more explosions and slightly less edible underwear. It’s like your Birthday, only everybody gets to put their finger in the cake icing. It’s like Mother’s Day, except you don’t need to worry about picking out that perfect gift – we’ve totally got it covered. 

Like any great, long-standing community, the Seventh Column has a heritage all its own. That, in and of itself, is worthy of celebration. But, this Bungie Day arrives at an interesting moment of our shared adventure. The road before us is far less mysterious than it has been in years past, yet still riddled with surprises we can’t wait to spring. As we journey ever closer toward our shared Destiny, we’ll pay equal time to redefining our past and meditating on our future.

So, for this year’s Bungie Day, we thought we would keep the party going to a full week while we take a look back at where we have come from, and where we’re going next. 

Tuesday, July 2nd
We begin with a look back at our esteemed elders with a medal ceremony to honor those gamers who have stood with Bungie since our website started counting them.

Wednesday, July 3rd
If you were a guest in our theater at E3, you would have seen a demonstration of our new first-person shooter. As part of Bungie Day (Week), everyone gets a front-row seat for the reveal, in all its high resolution glory.

An event like Bungie Day begs a standard for attire. Our forum has been infused with brave new fashions for your digital self. Be you a newbie or an ancient, there’s an avatar fit to replace that old and busted forum face you’ve been rocking.

Thursday, July 4th
Select a Guardian to watch over your favorite gadgets. Choose from three flavors. Bungie might be celebrating independence, but these heroes will keep the global celebration rolling.

Friday, July 5th
If all this virtual loot hasn't satisfied a desire to decorate your world with evidence that you're a member of the Seventh Column, check out the fresh merchandise on sale in our store.

Saturday, July 6th
Welcome the arrival of new music from Marty O'Donnell and Michael Salvatori, fresh from the convention floor of E3.

Sunday, July 7th (Bungie Day Actual)
Go back in time to have breakfast with Jason Jones and Ryan McCaffrey, and revisit the dust and echoes of Bungie history.

You want Bungie Day loot? You'll have to win it. These contests of ruthless cunning are your path to glory, or entertainment.

Monday, July 8th
This Bungie Commentary is a chance to get to know three artists who led the charge in creating the world that we explored in the gameplay reveal for Destiny.

Tuesday, July 9th
Thousands of entries in our contests were narrowed down to Seven finalists in each category. Winners will be announced and rewarded later on in the week.

And so it was that Bungie Week came to a close. We're already looking forward to next year. Every day between now and then is a good day to be a member of our community, and we certainly don't wait for special occasions to let you know we care. Stick around. We still have a game that we're making, and we've grown very fond of your company while we make it.
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