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Community Focus: Javelin

When we look at the way our community responds to our work, we never come up short on amazement. A glance at our forum always provides a treasure cache of imagination and creativity. Here is a prime example: Bungie Community citizen Javelin has expanded his love for the Hunter into new dimensions - three of them, to be exact. The result is impressive. You might even mistake him for a member of our team.

The artist behind this vision is Dustin Gagner. When we saw his work, it went viral within our own walls. Let's take a moment to focus on a gamer who can take concept art and realize it in 3D with the best of us.

Let's get technical right off the bat. What did you use to create this vision of the Hunter?

DG:  I started by building a base mesh of a human male in 3Ds Max. From there, I just went nuts in Zbrush. I used a lot of Dynamesh sculpting to get my base forms and proportions. Then I would do what's called retopologizing, which essentially cleans up the model so I can sculpt higher fidelity details. It's also how I manage to do hard surface stuff within Zbrush, since Zbrush is more tuned for organic sculpting.

You sound like the people I work with who talk right over my head. Have you had any formal training as a 3D artist?

DG: I actually just graduated from Digipen Institute of Technology in Redmond, WA with a BFA in Production Digital Art and Animation. I'm trained in classical art, I.E. Figure Drawing, Painting, and Sculpture; as well as 3D modeling, rigging, and animation. I put most of my focus in school on the 3D pipeline with a secondary focus on painting and drawing. As far as Software goes, when I take a model completely through a pipeline down to a game ready piece, I'll touch Zbrush, Maya, 3Ds Max, Photoshop, UV Layout, Xnormals and Crazy Bump somewhere in my pipeline.

Is there a developer out there who reaps all the awesome content that spills from your pipeline?

DG: I just finished an Internship where I worked on some characters for a new game engine that's under development at Digipen's Research & Development Department. I'm currently looking for work.

When Destiny is released, can we expect you to explore the frontier cloaked as a Hunter?

DG: I definitely will be playing Destiny when it comes out and I know I'll have a Hunter. I've always been drawn to the stealthier, sniper classes in FPS games. I'm a gamer at heart and I absolutely love the idea of a sci-fi fantasy shooter.

We love the idea of having a guy like this as a fixture in our community. To see his work in its full glory, visit the topic where it first came to our attention. To see the rest of his creations, check out the rest of his work on his portfolio site. This is one Guardian to follow.
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