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Back Pack vs. Mail Sack

This time next week, the deluge that is E3 will have come and gone. We’re bringing the rain. The downpour of Destiny information will wash away many of the questions you’ve been asking since we revealed this brave new world – and new ones will undoubtedly spring up in their place.

To say that this week has been the calm before the storm would be a totally inaccurate description of life at Bungie. Like that moment of charged elation before a thunderclap smacks the atmosphere we can feel the energy coursing through the air around us. The team dedicated to E3 has been devoting every available waking moment to what we have in store for you. As hours until the show diminish, their bleary eyes have begun to spark alight with anticipation of what is yet to come.

Early in the week, we sent our first emissaries to Los Angeles. The payload in their caravan was not the full package that we’ll deploy. Every member of our invasion army will bring their own piece of the puzzle.  Sometimes when we least expect it…

“Can you go to L.A. tonight?”  The question came to me as I was pouring through the questions that had been committed to this Mail Sack.  

“I know that sounds like a question,” said my coworker in need of a mule. “It was really more a statement.”  A vital asset was needed on the ground where our team was preparing a beach head, delivered with greater speed than any commercial courier is capable.

“Why me?” I said.

“Because you can manage the community from anywhere. You can even bring them along with you if you want…”

And then I was back home – at least for a little while. All this begs the question: “What the hell was in the backpack?”  That’s for us to know, friends, and for you to find out very soon.  For now, just pretend it was final art for our booth on the convention floor.

The rest of our away team will be boarding planes for Los Angeles very soon.  I’ll be with them, and I’ll stay for a little while longer this time.  You’ll be welcome to come along on the next legs of this journey, Bungie Community.  As always, our happy home will be the place where we make a bid to satisfy your rabid appetite for every gory detail.

Before we leave, we have but one final moment to open the Sack.

Achilles1108  Will there be a countdown? I feel like there needs to be a countdown.

Your adventure at E3 begins on Monday, June 10th at 6PM Pacific. If you want to start counting, knock yourself out. Or just watch this space for updates.

blamite  Aside from Destiny, what are you most excited about seeing at E3?

The bottom of a pint glass, once it’s all over.

Wicked Navajo  Since I'm sure presenting amazing stuff for hours is rather exhausting, what will you be doing afterwards to celebrate?

See previous question. Over and over.

DE4THINC4RN4TE  Are you as excited as we are?

Even more. We know what’s in store, and we’ve been sweating to make it great for a while now. Sharing our work with all of you is always the pay off.  Entertainers love an audience, so you complete us.

Charlemagne  What does a soul ripping out of its host's body sound and look like?

Almost as good as the deafening report from the mighty hand cannon that does the work.

Noodle on that for a while. You won’t have long. Sorry for the light Mail Sack this week. We’ll make it up to you almost immediately.

See you at E3.
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