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Communty Focus: Art (and Stuff) Contest

At Bungie, we're stunned (and humbled, and inspired) by how deeply our community is already investing emotionally in Destiny.{{more}} With only a glimpse into this brand new universe, some of the more creative citizens of are holding up a mirror to share their own visions of Guardians who will defend our last safe city. Like gamers are naturally inclined to do, they'll even compete to see who wields the mightiest brush.

We've mentioned Art and Stuff on the Bungie Blog before. It's a place where artists have come together to add their own color to the pallet of mythic science fiction that we're using to paint the worlds of Destiny. Recently, they challenged their members to create their own character in Destiny - something that each of us will do, someday. To learn more about this battle of aesthetics, we caught up with Cal Carlson, master sculptor, group founder, and contest commissioner.

Cal: Creating the contest was fairly straight forward. During the one week contest period, we accepted dozens of submissions from our community. After the deadline, I aggregated all of the submissions and began to sort through them to determine a group of finalists. We used a number of basic criteria when narrowing down our finalists including composition, color, value, lighting, vision, and technique. After the selections had been made, I ran my suggestions past our group admins to make sure everyone was in agreement. We had originally planned on simply announcing the winners, but we agreed that it would be better for the community to choose the winners.

Bungie liked the idea so much, we kicked in some prizes. You will decide the winners. Check out the finalists.

Beau Lamb

First prize is a Destiny poster, signed by the Bungie Team. Second prize is a Destiny faction t-shirt. Third prize is a Bungie notebook, the perfect companion for anyone given over to random sketching. Who claims the loot? Their fate is in your hands. Cast your vote in the poll hosted in their group.

The finalists don't deserve all the love. You can see all the artwork that was created for the contest. Art and Stuff is a great group - a great example of people using to sweeten their anticipation for Destiny. There will be more contests like this in the future. Join them to compete, or Follow them to watch the parade of competitors.
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