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Community Focus: More Console

If enthusiasm is contagious, our focus on the Destiny community for this week could touch off an epidemic.{{more}} More Console hosts a YouTube channel where Bungie’s next game is a constant source of frenzied speculation. Check out the nova-hot energy that radiates from this gamer as he talks about what awaits you in our next First-Person Shooter.

See what we mean? This lad is literally breathless with anticipation for Destiny. We wouldn’t have it any other way, of course. To get better acquainted with the beautiful bastard behind the motherchuffing boom, we sat him down, gave him a tranquilizer, and asked him a question or seven.

First of all, you talk funny.  Where are you from?

More Console: The beautiful city of London. We all talk funny here. It’s one of the rules. 

[Disclaimer: Before that joke creates an international incident, let the record reflect that I love a good English accent - even a bad one.]

You’re easily one of the most rabidly enthusiastic people to be found on the Internet dreaming about Destiny. What inspired you to start pouring your heart out all over YouTube about our game?

More Console: Sometimes you need an outlet to vent the excitement you feel when Bungie announces a new game. Without youtube I’d have burst. It was a matter of life and death. 

So, your super-charged fandom for Bungie precedes the reveal of Destiny?

More Console: I’ve been a die-hard Bungie fan ever since I played Combat Evolved back in 2001. I still think The Silent Cartographer is the best FPS mission of all time. 

How about YouTube? Are you a grizzled old veteran of that front as well?

More Console: I’m a relative newcomer. I started MoreConsole in June 2012 to make Halo videos.  When rumours surfaced of a new Bungie game, the nerd within began to throb and pulsate. 

Gross. Let’s keep it clean, or we’ll age-gate your ass. Tell us why, out of all the mediums you could have used as an emergency vent for your pressurized nerd power, you chose YouTube.

More Console: YouTube has such an outspoken community. If they don’t like your content they have no qualms letting you know. It’s both exhilarating and terrifying. When I started making Destiny videos the response from the community was wonderfully encouraging. And so I made more. YouTube is also unique in the way it allows quirky personalities to shine.  In my case: Lunatic Fanboy. 

That’s not as flattering as your virtual identity. A notable playwright from your country once asked us: “What’s in a name?” What’s the meaningfulness behind your pseudonym?

More Console: The name “More Console” is a simple summation of my gaming habits. I’m strictly a console gamer, so I wanted my YouTube handle to reflect that. Regretfully, it doesn’t conceal a playful second meaning or a delicious pun that people will quote through the ages. I’ll leave that kind of weighty word play to the master. 

You’ve built up a pretty healthy audience for yourself in a short amount of time. As the Destiny community also gains speed and momentum, who are you networking with to drive eyes and ears to your videos?

More Console: One thing I love dearly about Bungie is the community. Bungie fans are the best fans: creative, loyal, and deeply passionate. I’m lucky enough to know many prominent members of the Destiny community:, Guardians of Destiny, ReadyUpLive, Ducain23, Destiny Hub, Destiny Dispatch, Destiny Guardian, Firestream, Bungie Informer, Destiny.Bungie.Org, Cult of Destiny, Destiny Author, Forge World Maps, Keith Cox, Pushed To Insanity, Conor Davies, Chief Landless, Wayne MC Donald, Nathan Clark, Sawyer Steven, Nicholas Webster, Boogie2988. All these people have helped my channel grow. Not to mention all of my amazing twitter followers. I am so sorry about the long list! And equally sorry if I left anyone out!

The pace you have set for yourself is blistering. Do you think you can keep it up? How do you think your voice as a pundit for the last safe city on Earth will evolve over time?

More Console: Well, I know that Destiny is a decade-long project. I plan to continue making YouTube videos and keeping my subscribers updated with all the latest Destiny shenanigans. It’ll be nice to look back in ten years’ time when I’m a broken old man and say, “I was there at the start! And by god it was one helluva ride!” 

Before the ride begins, there will be a lot more about Destiny to discover. If you’re interested in a tour guide to keep the road to Destiny well lit, you’ll find that More Console has a ravenous appetite for every detail. His videos provide some insightful summaries of what we’re crafting at Bungie, cross-referenced with every piece of relevant multimedia on the subject that he can find.

Bungie will keep watch on this fellow, to see how his channel develops, and to check his vital signs from time to time.
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