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Bungie Mobile App Update

Typically, we don’t devote much ink to Bungie Mobile App updates that fall under the category of “Minor Bug Fixes,” but we felt a certain aspect of our most recent revision required an explanation.{{more}} For a small group of test subjects, already selected from our pool of forum goers, there are some additional bits of code secreted away in the download. Those bits will grant access to a test version of our forums for mobile devices. 

Assuming all goes to plan, additional users will be added as development continues into “phase two.” We don’t have any hard dates yet, but we wanted to let you know about the initial rollout, since it’s only a matter of time before someone posts, “OMG, I R posting from fon!”

If you’ve already downloaded the Bungie Mobile App for iPhone or Android, the update is available now. 

If you haven’t downloaded the Bungie Mobile App yet, you can grab it at the links below.

Love, Bungie
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