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Community Focus: Inside Destiny

You can find people on whose enthusiasm for the Seventh Column is so vast, our website simply cannot contain it. One of these fierce ambassadors is Arbitor 5.{{more}} If you’ve spent your fair share of time on our forum, it’s a safe bet that he’s crossed your path – or even replied to your comments. If you have yet to brave the grotto of our citizenry, it just so happens that he’s a volunteer who is in place to welcome you upon arrival. He’s a gamer who loves community, and he’s looking ahead to how it can shape our next game.

To express his deep well of excitement about the new world that awaits us, Arbitor has started Inside Destiny. It’s a place to follow news about Bungie’s next first person shooter, and learn more about the gamers who can’t wait to play it. This new destination for the Bungie Community has become a place where gamers can find ways to express their own passions.

To learn more about the role that Arbitor 5 seeks to play in the Destiny Community, we’re making him our focus for this week.

So what provoked you to join the parade of websites that have sprung up around our little project?  When did you first open your doors?

I created InsideDestiny out of my interest and love for Bungie and its community. When I first started the blog in late September of 2012, Destiny was unknown to most of the world as Bungie was still “dark.” The online community was getting restless waiting for a hint of Project Tiger. At the time, Misriah Solutions had been keeping everyone up to date with the few scraps of information that we had. I decided to a take a different direction and started looking at what was happening in the community by playing with the community carnage, pointing out awesome threads, and promoting legendary private groups.

So the best news is about the gamers themselves? Interesting concept. That’s a lot of people to track. Do you have any help?

Currently I work alone. I manage to keep the site up to date even though my schedule is fully packed with work, other projects, gaming and just free time!

You’re quite the lone wolf. Tell us what someone might find if they were to enter your den.

I do my best to keep the Destiny Community up to date with what's going on around them. The way I do that changes all the time, and has ranged from highlighting the forums to informing people on upcoming community game nights. I post recent news and events, have interviews with members of the community, and also post artwork and community projects. When I have the time, I’ll share graphic work that I’ve created myself, such as iPhone Wallpapers, Twitter Headers, and Avatars.

Imagine that Destiny has been released into the wild, and a thundering pack of Guardians is engaged in the defense of the last bastion of civilization. How do you think you’ll be enhancing that experience?

I've thought about this quite a few times. I hope to keep the players in touch with each other by having interviews with legendary players and keeping the community up to date on gameplay and gear. I'll still being checking every few days for interesting threads, awesome groups, and helpful members. I'll hopefully still have many goodies to give out!

That sounds glorious, but it will have to wait. In the meantime, how will you help us pass the time between now and when we can all play Destiny together?

I’ve done my best to share any snippets of Destiny which includes the soundtracks from Bungie's videos, artwork by the community and sharing the excitement for Destiny with graphic artwork. I'll also be pointing out other fan sites and blogs just like you do here with 'Community Focus'. Lastly everyone loves FREE stuff, and I have a few things sitting around at home ready for competitions here and there.

Whether you’re looking for ways to dress up your own online identity, or you’re interested in making friends and playing games, Inside Destiny can be a supplement to your diet. Hot off the presses, in fact, Arbitor has a conversation with his fellow good guys from the Welcoming Committee. Stop by and read about the team that is poised to receive new blood for the Destiny Community on
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