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Community Focus: threesided

One of the great things about creating entertainment for gamers is that our audience is so hands-on.{{more}} Gamers don’t just sit and let a story wash over them; they dedicate themselves to that experience. They live the events of a game – sometimes even first person. Even when there’s no game to play, they immerse themselves in the worlds that beckon them to explore.

At Bungie, we’re loving the concept art that’s been springing up all over the community. Our opening volley of concept art and in-engine renders has provoked a whole ensemble of artists to join us in a virtual jam session of illustrating this new universe. One of them is threesided. His work has been seen on our blog, our forum, and even the private group where Destiny artists from the community hold court and trade notes on their creations.

With all of this great work on display all over our site, we figured it was time to get better acquainted. This week, we’re focusing on the fan and the artist behind this awesome fan art.

Tell us a little bit about you as an artist. What are your favorite disciplines, and how did you get started?

Like most artists, I've been one for as long as I could put pencil to paper. I've run the gamut of artistic disciplines. From pixel art to pen and ink, oil painting, and now primarily digital illustration and game design. When I'm not making the digital stuff I do still enjoy my oil paints. There's something really rewarding about painting with them. I guess I really got started by emulating my favorite game art, particularly Final Fantasy, Pokemon and Zelda. This love of art grew into a full-blown obsession as I got older.

In your case, did obsession lead to education?

I studied Fine Art at The University of Western Ontario in London, Ontario, Canada. I focused mainly on drawing and painting. This was more theory-heavy though, more about contemporary art practices and art history, and less about technical skill. A lot of my informal training weighs heavily into my practice as well. I've scoured countless online forums and communities to learn and hone my skills. This is probably where I first learned you could make a living building worlds.

Have you made the jump into the professional realm of creating art?

I've yet to find somewhere to apply my passion in the form of gainful employment. For now, I’m just working on some independent projects, freelancing when I can, and making as much kick ass art as possible in hopes of getting that break. I make everything I do very public, so it's not too hard to find my work around various art sites – not mention the site for a certain game we have all been waiting for so anxiously.

There’s no doubt that you’ve been a visible member of our community, and we’re better off for it.  What is it about Destiny that has inspired you to put brush to canvas on so many occasions?

As a fan of world building, Destiny represents something I deeply admire in gaming and art: that intangible desire to explore and discover strange and unusual things. It's a very romantic appeal that I have to the game so far. Already in the first few concepts we've seen, you immediately get the sense of that foreboding mysticism, yet it's welcoming. As was said in the GDC talk, it's that intersection of the real and the strange that gets me. I can somehow relate to this world, even though I know so little about it.

We’ll add you to the list of reasons why we can’t wait to invite the community deeper into this world. Can we look forward to more work from your easel as we show you more from ours? 

I've already talked to some of the fan fiction writers about collaborating, so hopefully that pans out. As I see more of the game, I can guarantee I will be compelled to make even more fan art of my own. Lord knows I can't get enough Robot Space Wizards.

You have to admire a gamer who has already selected a race to embody in a game that has yet to be released. That’s exactly the sort of imagination that won’t rest until we ship a game. This Warlock in waiting maintains a forward base on his personal site. If you’ve enjoyed the art that he’s been sharing on our site, you should check out the portfolio he hosts on his. Or, you can follow threesided right here to see his next move. There’s more than one side to this story, and he is one artist to watch.
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