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Community Focus: Destiny Hub

The old stories tell of how everything changed with the arrival of the Traveler. We could say the same thing about the Bungie community that shapes the world in which we live (and play).{{more}} As chatter about our next game gets noisier, we’re watching a whole new kind of community start to bloom – a Destiny community. As these destinations spark alight, we’ll focus our magnifying glass on them for all to see.

One such startup is DestinyHub.  Like many of the points that we’re putting on our map, this one didn’t exist until very recently. As we gain momentum in talking about Destiny, they’re keeping pace with their own series of insightful articles about the way players-in-waiting are responding to details as they emerge. Recently, we infiltrated this hub to talk to its founder, a gamer named Con, about where its roads lead.

You’re off to an admirable start is shaping the dialogue about Destiny. What sparked this uprising?

It was late November of 2012, and another leak had just happened. While I knew Bungie was working on something big and exciting, getting my first glimpse of the art and premise of Destiny was very inspiring. The allure and mystery of the Spider Pirates and their tank marching through the snow first convinced me that this new universe was worth getting involved in. I also realized that people would want a place to talk about it. We launched on New Year’s Day. In February, we merged with Rocker of Along the way, two of our community members, Ser Jergen and thesirchelios, stepped up to become editors.

As you consolidate power around this new domain, how do you plan to enhance the experience of a would-be Destiny fan?

The experience shouldn't end when you're not in game. Joining an online community can help you find like-minded players and expose you to more of what you love about the game. Our team at Destiny Hub is working to establish four major pillars: Community, Creativity, Content, and Competition. The most important ingredient is a friendly and inviting forum culture. It doesn't matter how many features your site has if new members don't feel welcome. A sense of belonging is the greatest way to enhance a gamer's experience.

That structure should provide you with all the support you’ll need build and grow. If Destiny is to be an epic adventure that unfolds over the next ten years. What’s your vision for DestinyHub in the long run?

We know we want to keep expanding upon our pillars. This means the addition of new forum sections, support for clans and tournaments, contests and awards, galleries and downloads, and an expanded social media presence. We're looking for passionate Destiny fans to run our YouTube channel. I eventually see us venturing into the Destiny universe to document stories and in-game events much like journalists. The bottom line is that we need to stay flexible, plan for various possibilities, and make connections with skilled and prominent community members. There's still a lot we don't know about Destiny yet.

That is too true, but we have plans in the works right now to expand on your knowledge of this brave new world. What about Destiny are you excited to learn more about?

Here are some answers from our whole team:

Jcap  I want to know how the story mode and competitive modes seamlessly integrate. Also, I want to see more Bungie publications that explain the development challenges and decisions that went into making Destiny.

Rocker  I am looking forward to learning more about the competitive aspect of the game. How will clans/guilds function? Will there be ranks or a similar skill system?

Ser Jergen  I'm excited to learn about the new revolutionary features Bungie plans on introducing as well as getting to dive into a new deep fiction.

thesirchelios  Gameplay, story, social interactions, guilds/clans, how the factions/characters/races play and differ from each other etc.

Imagine that we meet at PAX on an elevator. My stop is in five floors. You have until then to make me want to visit your site. What do you say?

DestinyHub was created to help consolidate Destiny news into factual and analytical articles. We go the extra mile to tell you what's new and what we learned from it. We also compile a weekly roundup of news from around the Destiny community for anyone who doesn't have the time to go digging. We're not just a news site, though. We want to promote the community's creative work. If you write fan fiction or draw fan art come join us and we will…

Sorry. This is my floor. But, cool story.

We’ll be making DestinyHub a stop in our travels. If you’d like to pay a visit and hear the rest of their offer, stop by and see what they can do for you. Accept their challenge and add some of your own content to their roundup. At Bungie, we agree that the experience of playing a game should extend beyond your time with the controller. Websites like this help to realize that potential.

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