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Community Focus: Jordan Evans

“What’ve you got going on there?” said Urk this morning.{{more}} He was asking about this imposing visage of a Fallen Captain. Many conversations at Bungie begin this way. The most exciting moments of any day are when new assets for Destiny emerge from the development floor. He was surprised to learn that he was not looking at new work from our concept team. What he was seeing was created by a member of the community. “Really? That’s sick!”

Just like you, Jordan Evans is a Bungie fan. What makes him stand out in the growing Destiny Community is his flair for creating kick ass art. His blog is loaded with awesome visions from his imagination, and it’s obvious that Destiny is very much on his mind. To get to know the man behind this mighty brush, we’re making him our focus for this week.

Usually, we zero in on more inclusive clubhouses, but your online portfolio is shaping up to be a great destination on the Internet for anyone who’s excited about our game. How long have you been making art?

I’ve been making art for as long as I can remember. My friend and I would spend hours working on creating our own comic books called Pencilman and Eraserboy. When I was twelve years old, playing Diablo 2 and looking at the artwork inside the strategy guide, I knew that I wanted to be a an artist. Since then, I’ve met with different artists in the field and browsed many art communities to find new inspiration and to learn from incredible digital masters.

Have you invested in any formal training as an artist?

Growing up I was self-taught. It wasn't until I started college at the Art Center College of Art and Design that I began any formal training. I studied Entertainment Design for 2 years and still have 2 more years to go. My plan at the moment is working off pesky student loans so that I may continue my education and get my degree.

What’s the plan after that? Where do you most want to make a contribution?

I would love to find a company where I could learn and grow as an artist, but to also be an incredible asset. Eventually, I would love to be able to teach, to give back to so many artists and share all the things I have learned.
What is it about to Destiny that has inspired you to bring such imposing images to life?

Destiny is taking a whole new spin on a sci-fi shooter and I know Bungie will once again reshape how we picture games. I figured I might as well picture how I would imagine Destiny to look like through my art and also inspire others to do the same.

Do you plan to make this a habit? Should the Destiny Community keep an eye on you?
That is a great question.  I have been keeping up to date with different art communities such as cghub, deviantart, and blogger. I’ll be posting on the forum with new pieces as the wait continues!

There you have it. If you love great art set in our brave new world, you’re likely to see Jordan sharing more of it right here on If you want to see everything he has created, keep an eye on his website. We were tracking the evolution of his Fallen Captain well before he unveiled the finished product (i.e. before it was officially cool). We look forward to seeing what he starts working up next. You should too.
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