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Aftermath Sack

As we sifted through the contents of the Mail Sack for this week, we realized that most of your questions would be best answered by our presence at the Game Developers Conference.{{more}} We also realized that there was nothing we could say today about Destiny that would be better than what Joe and Chris said yesterday.  

If you missed our show, and you’ve been craving another glimpse at the brave new world we’ve been building, pull up a seat and relive the evolution of Destiny from the first ideas to the most recent in-engine builds. Gamespot has archived the event for stragglers, or people who want to sit through it all over again.

And with that, we’re spent.  As the dust settles and your chatter takes a turn in a new direction, there is only one question that we have the strength left to answer.

Lashghost  Are we there yet?

We’ve taken one more step closer to this mythic world filled with action and adventure.

If you caught Joe’s sign-off at the end of the talk, you can look forward to reaching a new shining point on the horizon. We’ll be taking some more baby steps between now and then, but most of our efforts will be devoted to setting the next big stage.

“See you at E3!”
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