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Community Focus: The Guardians of Destiny

Have you tuned your browser to Guardian Radio?{{more}} Bungie finds a lot of comfort in the idea that the fine art of podcasting will survive the collapse of the Golden Age. The Guardians of Destiny have created an elaborate base of operations where they can vie for a share of your ear.

This aggressive upstart is a brand new addition to the Bungie Community. The gamers on their staff have combined their experiences in exploring our industry, and are focusing their shared attention on the development of Destiny. This week, we had a conversation with Mark about these brave Guardians who are turning on the radio.

What provoked the inception of this bold new project?

After taking in the massively ambitious approach to the development of Destiny, our imaginations simply ran wild. As we began asking each other questions, our ideas began to grow far beyond the norms of traditional FPS expectations. We decided that talking amongst ourselves wasn’t enough. We needed to share our enthusiasm for Destiny.
As the wait for the reveal of Destiny came to an end, the wait to play Destiny began. How will you sustain your community until we launch our game?

We will offer our own thought-provoking articles influenced by the Destiny universe prior to the release of the game. Looking forward, as more of the amazing art and screenshots roll out, the appearance of our site will change constantly. Eventually, we plan on allowing users to submit images to us that will become part of the regular rotation of images.
Ever since you’ve started broadcasting your theories and reactions, how has the world responded to you?

The feedback on the show to this point has been amazing! So many Bungie and Destiny fans have reached out to us to share their questions and ideas surrounding the game. We have been incorporating the community into the show and will continue to do so. We are having a blast sitting behind our mics each week, geeking out over a game that is still so many months away. We'd love it if more members of the Destiny and Bungie community would come and join us.

And if they answered your invitation with a regular visit to your site, what would they find over time?

Currently, we break down the news of the week and speculate over the tips and nuggets that have been released. As more information rolls out, we'll begin diving into more of the lore and eventually tips and tricks for playing. Once the game launches, we plan on incorporating our game experiences as well as those from the community.

Sounds like an ambitious way to enjoy this experience we’re creating for you. What role do you see the Guardians of Destiny playing in the greater community landscape?

Our goal is to become a centralized beacon for the voices of the Guardians on the battlefield, reporting on war scenarios, areas that we feel can be improved, and the larger-than-life moments that will be found in Destiny.

These Guardians will have competition for that mantle, but competition is good for community. It will be interesting to see if they can keep the blistering pace they've set for themselves. Their enthusiasm cannot be denied, so we’ll remain focused on their efforts.

If you listen to the most recent episode of Guardian Radio, you can hear them talk to Craig Hardgrove, a member of the JPL Team that landed a car on Mars by daring mighty things.

A long-time member of the Bungie Community, Craig visited us earlier in the year to talk to us about the red planet that is the subject of so much of our current work. See what he had to say about his visit with us, and get to know the hosts of this virtual radio show.
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