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Community Focus: Ready Up Live

At the dawn of the Halo Nation, fan-created video was somewhat of a rare commodity.{{more}} Capturing, editing, uploading, and serving up multimedia to the world was a royal pain in the ass that kept many gamers from expressing their passion in the form of moving pictures. As the Destiny Community crawls toward the light, we find a brave new generation of community leaders - emboldened with new tools that make it easy (okay, easier) to broadcast themselves.

One of them is Dan Hammill, a driving force behind Ready Up Live. You should call him Greenskull, since that’s the name you’ll see if you cross paths with him in our next game. Until then, he’s following every breath we take and describing them on his YouTube channel. If reading elaborate prose on the Bungie Blog is a strain on your eyes, he’s producing frequent digests about our developments in easy-to-watch video dispatches.

This week, we’re focusing in on a video pundit who is waiting for Destiny with the rest of us.

Tell us about the past and present of Ready Up Live?
RUL launched in 2007. It’s the evolution of Xbox Canada Tournaments. I realized the restrictions of a name like that, and Ready Up Live was born. Now, RUL is a vibrant and diverse community of users who stand under a banner of friendliness and acceptance. It's a place where skill level, play style, and age don't matter. We are all gamers who love to game, and anyone making an introduction thread will immediately feel at home. We are half a website community and half a YouTube community.
Why is YouTube such a crucial platform for the RUL Community?
Everyone has a voice, and YouTube allows it to be heard by the masses. In the days of Halo 3, my buddy and I got the bright idea to make a golf shot from the top of Sandbox into the tiny crypt hole. We nailed the hole in one and showed off our efforts in a video. Bungie featured the video on their home page and the views rolled in.

So this is all our fault?  We can live with that.  While we’re reminiscing about humbler beginnings, tell us about your first experience playing a Bungie game.
Shortly after the original Xbox was released, I received one as a gift for my birthday. My first game? Halo. Having played first-person shooters, I was instantly a fan. Now that Halo has traded hands, I will always trust Bungie to do an excellent job at innovating and changing the way we play games.

We’re striving every day to live up to your expectations. What has you excited to play Destiny? What do you want to learn more about?
The concept behind Destiny is brave, to say the least. Leave it to Bungie to inspire with creative ideas. No matter how the game plays, my biggest draw is the community. I love nothing more than interacting with fellow players. There’s an instant camaraderie among like-minded gamers that is hard to find anywhere else, and Destiny will create that and push it to the next level. I can’t wait to learn everything about the multiplayer features and how they will be implemented.

That’s a conversation for another day.  With our sights set on the future, tell us what the Destiny Community can expect from you.

Much like RUL’s credo, we are all just gamers at heart. I’m as excited as everyone else by every little piece of news that comes out. I will continue to try my best to deliver the news in a digestible, friendly way to make sure everyone stays up to date on the latest Destiny information, and I’ll do it with a smile on my face.

We try to be digestible and friendly here at Bungie, too, but we don’t smile as much Greenskull. If you like your Destiny news delivered in video format, and cross-referenced with some multimedia police-work, Ready Up Live is a fine stop on your circuit of Internet wanderings. His grasp for detail is admirable, and his filter for misinformation is refreshing.

If you haven’t visited their community before, this is your chance to put their welcome to the test.
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