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Breaking In - Archive

Aside from the constant barrage of questions about Destiny, one of the things that people are always asking us is how they can land a job making kick ass games at Bungie.  To prolong a continuing series of hard-hitting investigations, we’ve been dutifully researching the employment histories of our team to learn as much as we can about the manifold pathways that lead into our glorious institution of development. These features chronicle the adventures that have already led brave designers, programmers, producers, testers, and engineers into our halls.

These talented men and women braved our interview loop and still found the strength to extend a helping hand to those following in their footsteps. Some were new to the industry, others were already grizzled veterans, but all were willing to share their war stories in the hopes of adding more boots to the line for our march toward world domination.

Eric Osborne
Shi Kai Wang
Chris Butcher
Dave Dunn
Natalya Tatarchuk
Michael Williams
Dan Miller
Sam Jones
Max Dyckhoff
Dave Candland
Ken Taya
Steve Lopez
Vic DeLeon
Mat Noguchi
Roger Wolfson
Michael Wu
Chad Armstrong
Dave Gasca
Pat Jandro
Sam Arguez
Blake Low
Matt Richenburg
David Aldridge
Nick Gerrone
Jon Weisnewski
Richard Lico
Tim Williams
Chris Opdahl
Jason Sussman
Chad Foxglove
Paul Lewellen
Jessie Coombs
Christian Diefenbach
Noah Bordner
Tristan Root
Seth Gibson
Joe Spataro
Christian Allen
Derek Carroll
Tom Sanocki
Nate Hawbaker
Danny Bulla
Jim Levasseur
Daniel Hanson
Brandon Whitley
Darren Bacon
Ben Litowitz
Noah George
Josh Poley
Dave Mongan
Clay Carmouche
Joey Gibbs
Joe Venzon
Scott Kankelborg
John Stvan
Coolie Calihan
Ryan Cooper
Ryan Juckett
Chris Chambers
Ondraus Jenkins
David Johnson
Veara Suon
Brandi House
Chris Owens
Rachel Swavely
Mike Forrest
David Henry
Matthew Ward
Tom Slattery
Joseph Ainsworth   
Forrest Soderlind
Adam Brown
Drew Smith
Jennifer Ash
Andy Howell
Adam Brown
Leland Dantzler
Alex GendronJoe CrossAaron Lieberman
Micah Zahm
Isaiah ShermanJake Lauer
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