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When you browse the Front Page of the Internet, you can put your finger on the pulse of the world.{{more}} When you turn that page, you uncover a sprawling underbelly of sub-reddits that chronicle almost every common interest known to man or beast. Thankfully, Destiny is no exception.

The DestinyTheGame “sub” has become a great place to swap information about our freshly revealed work in progress. Thousands of readers are already upvoting fan-created art, speculation about what awaits them as players, and new details as they emerge. This week, we approached the brave volunteers that are building out this expanding clubhouse to ask them anything.  

What Bungie wants to know is what excites them the most about leading reddit into our brave new world.

Bungie has always been the king of the console FPS, and Destiny looks remarkable so far. The game seems to naturally revolve around the idea of playing with others, so I'm particularly excited to have the Destiny community up and running, and see how that will affect the way people play.
DAC, Community Manager, Redditor

I can't wait to see what Bungie has been building and watch our subscribers dive into every detail as Destiny is slowly revealed. We have already had lots of great discussion about what the new universe will contain and I look forward to seeing new content, fan art, and ideas coming out of our community.    
Cozmo23, Gunslinger, Redditor

I'd say I'm the most excited about the great times that will undoubtedly be had in-game with friends and the exploration and sharing of experiences as we play.  I'm also very excited to have the opportunity to extend the community through my own project sites.
Firestream, Halo Charter, Redditor

At its core /r/DestinyTheGame is an aggregate of user submitted links and content. That means anything in any form of media can usually be submitted, voted upon, and discussed. Its benefit is directly proportional to the size and participation of its community, which makes me excited to watch it grow. It should be in every fan's arsenal, as it does not compete with other destiny communities, but helps to bring them together.
General Warts, Really Gross Username, Redditor

We’ll follow the development of this corner of the emerging Destiny Community with great interest.  Everyone is invited to dive in and share the karma (although kids should check with our old friend their mom first).  As we reveal more about Destiny in the coming months, and every pixel is devoured by the readers of this subreddit, we’ll be keeping a close eye on them.

In the meantime, here’s a desktop dressing that any Redditor would love.

To make this collage possible, I actually sent a message to Bungie requesting cat pics.

“You mean our cats?” asked way too many people at Bungie.

“Yes!  Your own damn cats,” I answered. “If I wanted pics of other people’s cats, I would have just gone to reddit.”
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