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Community Focus: D.B.O.

The passion, camaraderie, and creativity of the Bungie community drives us to create games that measure up to the people that play them. It’s a delicious circle. We make games that inspire them. They express their enthusiasm in ways that inspire us. This symbiosis has nourished us since the earliest days of crunching code as a much smaller team in a much smaller studio. With the official reveal of Destiny, alongside our much larger team, an entirely new community is on the rise. has been right alongside us for most of that journey.  In the beginning (almost ancient history now), there was And they saw that it was good. Like Bungie itself, it began with just two friends doing what they loved. Also like Bungie, it quickly grew into something we never anticipated. Every Bungie game we have released since has been debated and scrutinized on their domain. Fortunately for us, Destiny will follow suit.

As Destiny.Bungie.Org reveals itself, we asked the staffers of the new site about what has them excited for the future of their corner of the Bungie Community.

I became a Bungie fan in 1993. Ever since that time, for each new title announced by Bungie, there have been two critical moments.  There is the original announcement, when I THINK I understand what they're building.  Then there is that point, way way WAY down the line, when I actually get to play it, and I realize that the “Bungie Twist” has thrown my most basic assumptions out the window. I am most excited to find out what the Bungie Twist will do to my ideas about Destiny.
Claude Errera (the webmaster formerly known as Louis Wu)

Exploring the worlds that Bungie has created has become so much more than a hobby or pastime; it's literally become a way of life. The lifeblood of it all has always been community. Bonds have been forged between brothers, friendships fashioned and strengthened, talents found and cultivated. The family has provided a canvas for countless others to paint on. As we're flipping the switches, strapping our harnesses, and preparing to launch into a destination yet unknown, I’m filled with new excitement for the stories we’ll create and share together for the next decade.
GrimBrother One

This is the first time I've witnessed the creation of a Bungie.Org subdomain. I'm excited to see how familiar traditions mix with fresh new ideas as our loyal forum regulars are joined by spirited newcomers and returning friends. The influx of PlayStation owners (some of which never experienced Halo) will bring a unique perspective to the conversation, while the next console generation will add even more diversity to our ranks. Destiny awaits, and I'm eager to see the growing DBO community discover new ways to connect over a shared interest. Also, I'm pretty excited that I can finally use Claude's real name when posting jokes about his age.

One of my favorite times as a Bungie fan was when I was rocking back and forth on my seat for two years waiting for Halo 2 - the whole time doodling in the margins of my school notes and daydreaming of a whole new universe to explore. Now a decade later, I can't wait to experience that again with another brand new universe - especially one that's looking as colorful, idealistic, and fun as Destiny.

What am I most excited about? Picking apart the mysteries of this new universe we know so little about.  Making new war stories to share within the community.  I'm also looking forward to seeing how the community changes and grows with all the new blood coming in, particularly from other platforms.  Exciting times is a pretty vast understatement.

Bungie is the reason I am able to write you this email today.  They pulled me out here from the east coast to do some Halo 2 testing WAY back in 2005.  All of that stemmed from being part of the community.   Basically, has given me a place on the Internet to call home for the last ten years. I'm really excited to be helping build another community that I'll be involved in for another ten years (at least!).

When I look back at the last decade, my fondest memories are of the relationships formed with so many wonderful people, and the great moments we shared because of Bungie's games. The games we’re passionate about are more than just a hobby, they're about family and a shared community. I am honored and excited to be a part of a new era in Bungie's new universe, and to be part of the community that is going to embrace and ultimately take Destiny to the stars.

I'm ridiculously excited to see all of the wonderful community creations that this new and slowly-unfolding universe will spark to life. There's obviously something powerful and inspiring about Destiny – even if we can't put our finger on it just yet – and already the little tidbits we've seen have generated a wealth of artwork, speculation, and conversation among the Bungie fan base. The air is thick with excitement from the community, and I expect the creative flood gates to roar open as more of Destiny is revealed in the coming months and years. If the past is any indication, we're all in for quite a ride. I can't wait!

We can’t either. If you haven’t followed any of the previous links yet, you can find these folks at Destiny.Bungie.Org.  It’s a great place to talk about Bungie games with other people who love games. They too, are just getting started.  You can even help them design a more permanent logo, and watch that flag fly for the years to come.

If you’re looking for more, we’ll be focusing our telescope on more Destiny communities as they wink into existence in the months (and years) to come. We’ll be an audience to their chatter.  Some of them will be brand new spaces. Others will feature familiar faces you’ll recognize as stalwarts of the Bungie Community, just like DBO.

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