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Anything Goes in the Mail Sack

Sorting the Mail on has never been easier.  Thanks to the new crowdsourcing tools, the Bungie Community can choose the questions that they most want to see answered. Gone are the days of applying subjective tyranny to pages upon pages of questions. In our brave new world, the general consensus rises to the top.
While a nice development for everyone involved, this week’s pledge did force us to dodge more bullets than usual. Fortunately, when the time comes, we won’t have to. Let’s open the Sack.

Immaculate Hobo  How does it feel to lie to our faces like that? You say anything goes, but we both know it doesn't. The truth is that we'll skirt around the questions we really want to ask and those bold enough to do so will be shunned to the darkness or humiliated with the ignominious Soon™. Does it hurt inside? Does your cold decrepit heart still let out a squeak of pain each time you lie?

There’s nothing painful about our delicate little dance. The real truth is that we’ve enjoyed this relative quiet more than we ever thought we would, but only because you’ve been here to keep us company.

What does hurt inside is that we know that this intimate time is coming to an end.

ProximateXbox  Have any of you ever been in an indie game company?

This question was put to the Bungie Panel, but their rampant enthusiasm for our own independence overshadowed any discussion of past lives. In a sacred corner of our studio hangs a reminder of our own proud declaration. That might not make us “indie” by most definitions, but Bungie is pretty excited to be in control of our own... uhhh… we’re excited to be forging our own... The right word to use here escapes me, but you get the idea.

spartain ken 15 When will the darkness end?

Blurting out the reveal date for our next game in the Mail Sack would be more anticlimactic than proposing marriage via text message.   

The signs have been auspicious as of late, no? We launched a beta version of with some fancy new ways to sign-in and make your voices heard. We made our own voice heard with a pair of in-depth studio interviews. We even released an official piece of concept art.

You’ve been kept in the dark for so long. We wouldn’t dare just shove you out under the hot sun without letting you acclimate a little bit.

M94 Mushroom  Man  Will Bungie's top secret game be announced within the next 60 days?

Are you with Ken?  If we told you this, it would hardly be top secret anymore. Thus, this question threatens to create a paradox that could tear a rift in the space-time continuum. That never ends well for anyone.

Scott M  I'd really love another Bungie Community Theatre!

You’ll have to meet us halfway. The whole point of a night at the Theatre with Bungie is that the Community writes the script. To have your words elevated to the level of art, you must possess some literary cunning and a first-class postage stamp.

Sector Z  Who is the current holder of The Shaft?

We don’t usually speak of it openly, but the Shaft must be around here somewhere. What say you, Bungie Panel? Anyone seen our totem of shame?

I look away, so I don’t know.
Matt Dudley, Technical Artist

Prediction: Skank will say, “Your mom!”
Alan Stuart, Senior Engineer

Hands where I can see them, Internet.
Derek Carroll, Senior Designer

Samuel L. Jackson. That’s what you meant, right?
Joey Gibbs, Production Assistant

It is currently on Justin Truman’s desk, but it’s not clear what he has done to have it inflicted on him. It may simply be lurking there.
Tyson Green, Staff Designer

Justin Truman, after checking in a bug that caused over 1,000 crashes in overnight builds.
Jon Cable, Senior Engineer

Justin Truman, Engineering Lead

It’s starting to look old and used.
Sage Merrill, Design Lead

Is this… is this a thing that I’m supposed to know? They didn’t tell me this was the sort of thing I was supposed to know. Why doesn’t anybody tell me anything?
Matt Edwards, Engineer

Don’t feel bad, Matt. Learning this lesson is never fun. With luck, you'll never know of the Shaft.

Gestuart88  Tell us what the geomantic symbols mean.

The best voices—voices that truly matter—never allow themselves be heard. 

sacktapped  When will I stop feeling like the new kid at school when I come to this site? It's still kinda awkward and weird to me. I enjoy the idea of moving forward and changing and what not, but I feel like I don't belong on here sometimes. Will these feelings pass?

Buck up and face the unknown, brave elder. You’re Mythic, for crying out loud.  If you don’t belong here, no one does. Your older habits will die hard, but you’ve witnessed these painful evolutions on before. If you’ve followed us this far, perhaps you can follow us a little further. We’re just getting started with the reinvention of and, as history suggests, we’ll never stop.

Specops115  Will this unannounced game be a simultaneous launch for current generation and next generation consoles?

At Bungie, we don’t tell other people’s secrets. We’re cool like that.

ThatCoolKidKyle  42 is The Answer to the Ultimate Question of Life, The Universe, and Everything. What is the Ultimate Question?

Drew Smith, Producer

The Ultimate Question is itself a concept used to define (and ultimately limit appreciation of) the totality of our individual and collective existence.
Matt Dudley, Technical Artist

Eric Brown, Senior Engineer

We would need a very powerful computer and a lot of time to answer this.
Rahsaan Green, Sandbox Test Engineer

What is 7x7-7?
John Hargrove, Player Investment Designer

How many paths must a man walk down, before he can be called a man?
Andy Howell, Matchmaking Test Lead

Would you rather fight 100 baby-sized Orcs or one 100 foot tall Orc?
Chris Owens, Test Engineer

Derek Carroll, Senior Designer

Are you ready to get pumped?
Dan Miller, Senior Designer

How Many Licks Does It Take to Get to the Center of a Tootsie Pop?
Travis Pijut, Test Engineer

Hey Im Swat  What should we look forward to in March?

Aside from being a great month in general to be alive, March is also a wonderful time to be Irish, watch Basketball, and adjust your clocks. It’s also Foot Health Month, Humorists Are Artists Month, National Furniture Refinishing Month, National Frozen Food Month, National Noodle Month, and National Peanut Month (all observed in the United States, only). What more could you ask for?

Hylebos  Can we eventually get some Halo Post Mortems? I did so enjoy some of the Halo 3 ones that you did prior to Reach coming out.

Any time spent contemplating our old games would take us away from making our new game just that much more awesome. Our imaginations live in a new universe now. 

Silverback Elite  Will we ever get the Universe Forum back? It was one of my favorites in the old Bnet.

Within your question lies the answer. You can have any forum you want now, including #Universe. The Bungie Community has been deputized. You are now the sheriffs of your own town, curators of your own museum, and rulers of all you survey. Inheriting such power can be daunting, but we know you’re up to the tasks.

We’re still watching closely. The site is far from finished, and we’ll continue to survey feedback and make adjustments to our site map as you blaze the trail.

POKEY CLYDE  How awesome is that [totally unannounced.. hopefully not for long.. game] Bungie's been working on?

That’s for you to decide. Right now, it’s a game we want to play, but it’s lonely without you. You’ll get your chance to join the conversation Soon™ (sorry, Hobo) and we’ll be listening.

RighteousTyrant  Judging from the Polygon article, Bungie clearly takes the security of its work seriously.  Who is in charge of maintaining this security?  Obviously Jerome runs the front door, but what about information security?  Are there any experts on-staff there, or is that work contracted out?

What you’re describing is far too important to outsource. Controlling our own security gives us a chance to create jobs for fearless Ninjas who practice the rare art of Information Technologies. You can see their pride they put into their work reflected in their titles. The appear from behind a cloud of smoke in your email inbox, with designations like IT Overlord, Theoretical Physicist, or The Ringmaster. They keep us safe, and they’re the reason why you still have any questions left to ask about what we’ve been up to during this time of darkness.

Bricypoo  What is your favorite 80s song?

My goodness, Bricy. What have you done? This seemed like a harmless call to nostalgia for a gaudy age, but it ended up being the most replied-to question in Mail Sack history. Prepare for an awful parade of synthesizers and Cold War angst.

Jay Thaler, Senior Engineer

Matt Dudley, Technical Artist

Jami Jeffcoat, Tech Designer

Josh Eash, Release Manager

Rahsaan Green, Sandbox Test Engineer

Pat Jandro, Senior Cinematic Designer

John Hargrove, Player Investment Designer

Troy McFarland, Motion Capture Lead

Alan Stuart, Senior Engineer

Derek Carroll, Senior Designer

Mike Forrest, Senior Engineer

Will Edgette, Associate Engineer

Matt Edwards, Engineer

Garrett Greer, Engineer

Noah George, Sever Ninja

Robert Kehoe, BVT Tester

Andy Howell, Matchmaking Test Lead

Chris Owens, Test Engineer

Edward Kaiser, Engineer

Dan Miller, Senior Designer

Scott Kankelborg, Special Projects Assassin

Rachel Swavely, Technical Artist

Mat Noguchi, Programmer

David Shaw, Senior Producer

Joey Gibbs, Production Assistant

Chris Chambers, Engineer

Mark Flieg, Artist

Justin Truman, Engineering Lead

Sage Merrill, Design Lead

Ugh… I had to listen to all of that, you know. I feel dirty now. Time to hit the showers, and see if I can wash off the smell of hairspray and cheap leather.

That assault on the senses marks the end of your weekly update from Bungie, such as it is for now. If you submitted a question to the Sack, we thank you for your burning curiosity. If you bumped someone else’s question, thank you for helping to bubble up the gold. If you’d like to get in on the act, there’s a tag for that. It’s a nice place to visit in the earlier part of any week.
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