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    What stated out as a push to get Bungie's attention to add beards to to character creation, then a crazy twitter hash-tag thread #beardtildestiny, eventually turned into a community. Join the revolution! Post about your beard and passion of it. We have many great beard clans under our alliance. Fell free to provide input as this grows and evolves. Either way, let's make it just a fun community. thanks to Alec Corbishleu @JFXBengals, and the cool kats with Guardian Radio @GuardiansofD

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originally posted in:Beards of Destiny
8/23/2014 5:48:21 PM

New Member!

Hey My Fellow Bearded Brothers. Thanks for the adding me to this, obviously awesome group! My name is John Mad Hatter. Everyone calls me Hatter. (literally, in real life, so just call me Hatter)-(and that's Hatt<---two/2 "T"s so it sounds like Hahtter... not Hate ter.... you wouldn't believe how many teenagers at fast food joints that (not only can't count back change, but) can't read!) I'm Secretary for the T-BARS RC out of Manhattan Kansas. I ride a 2008 Harley Davidson Street Glide. I've never been much for "clans" or gaming teams or what have you because I usually don't play much because I usually have better things to do like ride my Harley, do poker runs, drink, parky, hang out at club houses, with other MCs ect. However. My neck is jacked up and I haven't been able to ride as much this year, been confined to my house, my room, my bed and my pain meds. So I got lots of time for gaming...Lots of time for Destiny! Any ways. Good things about me. X-Military. So when it comes to kicking doors in and putting rounds on target, im pretty damn good. I excel at sniping. (there's a lot of "kids" out there that say that....bunch of Call of Duty snipers that don't know shit about sniping)....when I say I excel at sniping..... I excel at sniping. I prefer the team work and strategy over chaotic running around like chickens with your heads cut off trying to get as many kills as possible. I prefer the PVE but can handle myself in PVP (but I'm older, slower and not as good as you younger faster kids ;) ) Bad Things About Me: Don't Disrespect Me. Respect is Earned. Give Respect to Earn Respect! I don't tolerate disrespect, or stupid child bullshit. I haven't been in high school in a LONG time! and I'm not going back. If I have to go back, someone's ass is stomped all over the playground! I am usually in lots of pain. I have pain medication, but sometimes that doesn't help much. So my tolerance for stupid immature shit is nil to none. If you're gonna run your mouth and talk shit to me on XBOX live, #1, you're an idiot, cause you can't do anything...#2 I'll just mute your ass. I'm here to play with friends and have fun. not listen to stupid little kids. I don't play well with kids. I don't like kids. I despise kids.

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  • Welcome my friend! Well, good thing about beards, is not too many teenagers/kids have them. If you are looking to do some team play and are not in an clan yet, see our clan alliance post. We have several listed there. Much respect to you as a rider bro. My late Father was very much one, and even though he went down his, I still have the mad itch to get a bike and ride myself.

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