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The correct way to use your warlock

Hi everyone its come to my attention that people say the warlock is the worst class when in fact its the best class overall. Here are some tips to use the warlock correctly. 1.Gliding A lot of people like to complain about the warlock's glide and say how slow he is well what if I told you by pressing the jump button twice very fast the warlock can reach higher than all the other classes which leads to traveling farther while jumping and if you want to stop flying just press the jump button while gliding and youll fall from the sky but be sure to press the jump button if falling from high places so you descend so you dont get fall damage. In PvP this is good for reaching high vantage points much quicker and also helps you in gunfights. 2.Vortex Grenade The best grenade hands down if used correctly. Using the vortex grenade in PvP is quite simple. Look at your radar and see where the enemy is coming from throw your grenade to the choke point and it'll keep enemies at bay and should they challenge they will be weakend by the grenade and you'll win the gunfight. Also use it vice versa when an enemy is capping a flag throw a vortex grenade and challenge him so while your both shooting each other the vortex grenade will keep chipping his health and ensure you win the gunfight. In PvE the vortex grenade is great for crowd control and for bosses as it has a DoT (Damage over Time effect) 3.Nova Bomb A lot of people say the Nova Bomb is more powerful than the golden gun. I say its less powerful than the golden gun in PvP. Here are my reasons. The golden gun is more spammable in PvP when you fill your super meter just instantly use it and get 3 kills the majority of times while when you get the Nova Bomb or FoH (Fist of Havok) you have to wait till the opposing team is capturing a flag. So to use the Nova Bomb correctly fill your super meter wait till the enemy team starts capping a flag and use your super not only do you get around 2-4 kills but you also defend your precious flag. In PvE the Nova Bomb is the best super no doubt. Fill your meter and use your Nova Bomb to destroy large groups of enemies and with the Nova Bomb upgrade available in the beta after the initial blast occurs it becomes a giant vortex grenade so for those pesky shielded enemies thinking they were safe not anymore. 4.Being a Glass Cannon I havnt really noticed being a glass cannon, must be because i played battlefield and CoD so much and got used to dying quickly if i didnt get 1st shot. In PvP armor doesnt matter so good Warlocks dominate PvP with their good abilities if used like Ive explained so far. In PvE I dont really know Ive only played the warlock so far and refuse to play the mainstream hunter and I dont find the titan interesting other than his flashbang and more amor in PvE. I play an aggresive warlock in both modes so no im not camping im in the front lines dropping around 30-40 kills per game and capping flags with the team and in PvE im also in the front lines using my abilities to crowd control the enemy and getting all the kills. 5.Melee In PvP don't ever use melee unless you attack a enemy in the back and if theyre weak and you run out of ammo. In PvE its a diffrent story use your melee to restore your grenades quicker and in the full retail version theres a upgrade to the melee which gives you health back if you kill a enemy with it. Thats all my friends if you have any advice to give out be my guest and do it in the comments down below. This has been the best warlock in destiny see you soon.[b][/b]

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