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Any information about the Digital Guardian Edition on Xbox One?

[b] WIll there be a Destiny: Digital Guardian Edition downloadable on Xbox One and Xbox 360 on September 9th, 2014? What versions will be available on the Xbox One and Xbox 360? (examples: Standard, Limited, Digital Guardian Editions) When can we expect a Definite answer? [/b] [b]Previous Title: Deej, Id like to cancel my Pre-Order[/b] wonder if that Title will get the attention of Deej or people with useful information. so other than this tweet from Urk, I have heard nothing about the Digital Guardian Edition on Xbox One. "Not available for pre order at this time, but should be available at launch." In a thread about a week ago some Xbox players have mentioned that its [url=]Xbox Policy[/url] to sell standard and limited editions digitally at launch. But even if that is their policy, I have seen No Official information from Microsoft/Xbox that the Digital Guardian Edition will be available for download on 9/9/2014. I interpret Urk's Tweet similarly, "should be available at launch", suggests that it might be available, but it also might not. I have seen No Official Information from Microsoft/Xbox that it will be available. [b]I have a Standard edition pre-ordered at gamestop, and i would like to cancel that pre-order so I can confidently wait with 100% certainty on the Xbox Marketplace, that if everything goes as planned, the Digital Guardian Edition will be available on Xbox One 9/9/2014.[/b] So far I am not Satisfied or 100% certain it will be available on the xbox one or 360. Could I get some sort of Official Answer from a reliable Source? Thanks. [b]Xbox Wire, an Xbox news site posting about the destiny beta on bungie day as well as acknowledging Activision announcements[/b] (added 3:30pm August 19, 2014) [spoiler] [quote]"In addition to the beta news, Activision also announced details for the three different “Destiny” collector’s editions. The “Destiny” Limited Edition ($99.99) [...] The “Destiny” Digital Guardian Edition ($89.99) comes with the expansion pass, as well as the digital content from the Limited Edition (the ship variants, emblems, and Ghost casing). And for the high rollers out there, the “Destiny” Ghost Edition ($149.99) [...]"[/quote] [/spoiler] [b]Reddit thread asking similar questions. With a BestBuy message suggesting there might be a DGE. [/b] (added 12pm August 19, 2014) [spoiler][/spoiler] [b]edit_01: Bungie (Twitter) Urk[/b] (10:24pm August 7th, 2014) [spoiler][/spoiler] [b]edit_02: Bungie (Forum) Deej[/b] (8:46pm August 16th, 2014) [spoiler][/spoiler] [b]edit_01: Xbox Support (Twitter)[/b] (2:52am August 16th, 2014) [spoiler][/spoiler] [b]edit_02: Xbox Support (Twitter)[/b] (11:12am August 16th, 2014) [spoiler][/spoiler] [b]edit_03: Xbox Support (Twitter)[/b] (12:25pm August 16, 2014) [spoiler] [b] linking to[/b][/spoiler] [b]edit_04: Xbox Support (Twitter)[/b] (11:47am August 18th, 2014) [spoiler][/spoiler] [b]edit_01: Activision Support (Facebook)[/b] (2:53am August 16th, 2014) [spoiler][/spoiler] [b]edit_02: Activision Assist (Twitter)[/b] (11:45am August 16th, 2014) [spoiler][/spoiler] [b]edit_03: Activision Assist (Facebook)[/b] (4:53am August 17th, 2014 ) [spoiler][/spoiler] [u][b]Summary[/b][/u] [b]Me:[/b] will there be a Destiny:DGE on the xbox one [b]Bungie:[/b] idk [b]Xbox:[/b] what's that [b]Activision:[/b] ask the stores [b]Xbox: [/b]ask the publisher [b]Activision: [/b]ask the developer [b]Bungie:[/b] "We'd love to be more specific. Top men (and women) are working on it." [b]Activision: [/b] Listen to Bungie

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