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Feedback and suggestions for Destiny 2.
7/30/2014 5:48:19 AM

A list of general ideas from a group of passionate gamers.

I want to start off by acknowledging Destiny as the most fun online FPS I've played since Resistance: Fall of Man. It possesses many of the mechanics that made me love R:FoM and I truly appreciate competitive skill based shooters like it. I have played many matches during the beta, accumulating over 6000 kills, and ranked top 25 on the Playstation leaderboards. Much of the feedback I'm about to list comes not only from myself, but from friends I've played with as well. To be honest, I have very few complaints and the few I do have with the game are quite small. [b]1. Hit detection / lag[/b] The first and most obvious are hit detection and lag. I experienced none of this during the first few days of the beta, but as more people came online as the beta reached it's final days, I saw varying degrees of both in almost every match. I know it was a beta, and it's purpose was to test for these things, regardless, it has to be said. [b]2. Frequency of Supers and Vehicles[/b] I feel as though the time it takes for supers to be attained is a little too short, making it a super-fest even a few minutes into the match. The same goes with vehicles. I feel there's little downtime mid match when the vehicles have been destroyed and when they re-appear. [b]3. Invincibility during a super (Titan and warlock to a lesser extent)[/b] Titan's literally become invincible the second before their super, making it extremely frustrating when you instantly die after pumping bullets into them. As a hunter the golden gun wont even save you if you don't catch them before their animation starts. Many times, the titan ate my golden gun bullet and was left with half health. I think it should at least be a trade. I also experienced a little of this against warlocks, and none of it with hunters. [b]4. Team colored abilities.[/b] Destiny can get really intense online, and not knowing whether the grenade you're about to step into is your teammates or an enemies can mean the difference between winning or losing. If all supers, and grenades were team colored (red or blue) it would make discerning friend from foe on the battlefield much easier. [b]5. Warlock/Titan Grenades[/b] The method the warlock grenade deals damage is frustrating. Currently it ticks 2 times before you die, the first tick takes you to 1 shot range, the second kills you. I feel as though it should do more constant damage instead of abrupt damage. The Titan grenades is basically the same concept as the Warlock grenade, except much less effective. I feel this needs to be buffed. [b]6. More options to see precision kills[/b] I feel like headshots should be represented in the kill feed and in the post game stats. It's a stat that I have always loved to keep track of and one that I felt was missing from the beta. [b]7. Voice chat with other team members.[/b] Nothing is more frustrating than not being able to tell a friendly teammate that there's an enemy here or there. There should be an option to change your voice chat for your fireteam to public for crucible matches. [b]8. 1 Hit melee in the back (stealth melee)[/b] As it was in Halo, R:FoM and many other shooters, a melee in the back should be a one hit kill. [b]9. Sound adjustment options[/b] I was disappointed to find out I could not adjust any audio options at all. There should be at least basic options for master, music, sound effect, voice and microphone. [b]10. Fully customizable controller mapping[/b] I would like to fully customize my controller button layout. While I did get used to puppeteer, I would prefer to have grenade as R2 and melee as L2. [b]11. More actions for our characters[/b] Considering Destiny is going for some MMO/RPG elements, having only 4 emotes/actions is quite lousy. Just take a look at any /emote sheet for MMO's, there's up to hundreds of them. You could even expand the total available actions to 16, by mapping 4 to each d-pad button, much like communication options in Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker [b]12. Text chat for the Tower[/b] The tower is a great gathering place for the world of Destiny, but it honestly feels dead when you cannot communicate well with any of the other guardians [b]13. Map balance on Blind Watch.[/b] Holding B and C is clearly the most desired strategy on this map. It's almost impossible to hold both A and B considering the close spawn proximity for the people who hold C. In my opinion, the location of B should be on the rooftops closer to the center between A and C, there are boxes for cover for those from C, and it offers a snipe advantage for those who hold A. [b][/b] [b]14. Address people who quit frequently[/b] I have always been a fan of penalties for those who quit matches frequently. In WoW, you'd get a 15 minute temporary ban from playing PvP, which increased to 30 mins if you quit twice in a row. In Uncharted 2 you would lose money, in R:FoM you'd get a 10 minute ban. Perhaps in Destiny you could take away glimmer or crucible points. I just feel something needs to be a deterrent to quitting. [b][u]These are most of the things I feel would improve Destiny's multiplayer, but there are a few things I'd like to add that I feel would NOT improve it.[/u][/b] [b]1. Do not change accuracy when jumping[/b] If this is changed, I cannot see the gameplay in Destiny become anything but worse. There is already purpose built into the jump feature, it's for evading and traversing the map, not for gaining an advantage in a gunfight. [b]2. The radar is fine as it is.[/b] At first I found the radar perplexing and annoying, but after playing many hours, I found that it served it's purpose quite well. It's not supposed to be exact, it's just for proximity. It's to prevent camping, and to increase awareness marginally. While this list may look long, I can say even if none of this gets changed I will still immensely enjoy Destiny when it comes out!

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