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Some guy at NeoGAF did the best defence of the no-MM policy of Raids

Here is the original post: "I think some people need to take a step back here. There is nothing inherently wrong with having content in a game made for a specific kind of player, nor is it inherently wrong that that content is only accessible to the kind of player it is intended for. Bungie has made it clear that this Raid will be a hard, multi-hour event that requires communication and planning, and you might want to spread it out over multiple sessions. You will want to do that with a group of people dedicated to finishing the Raid; you don't want to do that with randoms, who may or may not have headsets, may or may not be willing to communicate, may or may not speak your language, may or may not have just jumped into the Raid to 'see what it is' with no intention of finishing it, may or may not be there intent on trolling the rest of you, may or may not just completely suck, may or may not simply drop out mid-game, etc. Maybe you want to play the Raid for two hours, but two of the others drop out after just one hour, how will you manage that? Not all content needs to be available to all players of all levels. If you are not willing or able to invest in getting a group of six people together ( and while there are things in Bungie's current way of doing this that need to be streamlined, that process of finding a group is nowhere near the massive undertaking some of you make it out to be ), then the Raid, from what we know of it at this moment, is simply not for you. That's fine. That's not elitism or not wanting you to play that content, it's just that that content was designed with another type of player in mind and matchmaking just wouldn't be a good fit for this specific kind of content. There are just so many frustrations that potentially arise from this type of content and matchmaking. You get matchmade with five other players that also use Arc-weapons? Good luck against this Arc-resistant boss! Oh, wait, Timmy has got to go for dinner, now you're down to five. Watch out John, there's a massive horde of enemies about to overwhelm you! Oh, well, John doesn't use his headset and can't hear us anyway. No, Emile, [i]je ne parle pas français[/i]. And on the technical side of things; how would the checkpoints even work? You get to a certain checkpoint and quit. Two days later, you want to pick up again, but the randoms you worked with earlier have progressed further or aren't online. Now the game would need to matchmake you with people looking for a match at the same time as you at the same checkpoint as you. That might lead to frustratingly long wait times, and all those new players have the chance of triggering one of the above frustrations again. You will need to set up communication again and establish whether they have a different approach than you, what gear they have, etc. That is not the experience Bungie wants you to have. "But Bungie should let us try it out for ourselves!" is also a statement I do not understand being made here. It's not as if Bungie just sat there and suddenly thought "well, let's just throw matchmaking out of the window" for no reason. They probably did not make this decision lightly. They had the Raid play-tested, and made decisions based on that. They are game developers making a game design decision, they have absolutely no obligation to offer you options that they do not deem to fit their game or the content within it. Bungie made this Raid and thus know it's contents better than anyone else. They had it play-tested and made game design decisions based on the information they gathered and the type of player they made the content for, and they are in their right to do so. [b]To be clear, I am in no way against adding matchmaking in some form or another, but the way some of your are demanding it be added to the game out of some misguided principle that all content should be easily accessible to all players, even those it is not intended for, is quite unreasonable. Bungie did not make this decision on a whim and there is nothing inherently wrong with having content designed for a certain type of player.[/b]" EDIT: Let's have a civil argument, please. EDIT2: Added space between paragraphs for readability and made it similar to the original post. Again, while I agree with this, [b]I DID NOT WROTE THIS.[/b]

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