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The many "Ghosts" of Destiny

Besides being able modify your Ghost's appearance, especially through bonuses such as the Ghost Edition copy of Destiny, there could be more to it than just changing color, for example the voice. Perhaps players will find that the current voice work of their Ghost by Peter Dinklage could be replaced with a much more suitable voice over that fit their preference and that expand upon the customization of their own ghost making them truly unique. While I myself during the play though of the beta did not mind the actor's work in performing the voice of the Ghost, I did feel rather creative as to what the adventuring companion would sound like if given another voice with a much different personality. [spoiler][b]tl;dr [/b] What if players could change the way their Ghost sounds voice acting wise?[/spoiler] For those living in a cave or under a rock (possibility practicing hibernation til the game's release) here's what the Ghost currently sounds like when guiding the player in their travels.[url=]Alpha vs Beta Comparison[/url] Now this may come as the default voice for the Ghost, but I would love Bungie much more if they allowed for more variety in the "voices" of the Ghost. Having one VA for hundreds of thousands of players can be daunting, and make the player's Ghost feel a lack of uniqueness, conflicting with the immersion Bungie wants to deliver to their players of having them look like a one-of-kind guardians. [spoiler] [b]tl;dr[/b] More voices = More customization + Personality[/spoiler] The current Ghost is there solely for narrative, and to provide information regarding the game's setting. While necessary for new players of destiny to understand the background, older veterans of the game will find this cycle of information useless, and will find their Ghost as a mere forgettable tool of the game (this was harsh of me to call the Ghosts a "tool". I deeply apologize as I love my Ghost very much). [spoiler] [b]tl;dr[/b] Current voice work for Ghosts may get boring, spice it up![/spoiler] So instead of just dropping in another voice for a Ghost, like making the Ghost sound female as suggested in this [url=]post[/url], give life to them by adding a care-free personality always insulting the player like [url=]Claptrap[/url] from the Borderlands series. Or add a more tactical sounding AI to make for intense battles that feel like they're happening in real time such as [url=]ADA(personal favorite)[/url] from Zone of the Enders or [url=]Auntie Dot[/url] from Reach. Speaking of Reach, the Firefight voices players were able to choose from to have played as they were engaged in combat are excellent examples of this topic's main point. Although not necessarily asking for a crossover of games or to have a direct ripoff of other voice works, I feel as tho Bungie can do better for the Ghosts in adding more content to them and certainly have their current role contribute more to players than being a simple piece of narrative. Cortana is a prime example of Bungie's talented ability of creating more than just an AI construct that's perhaps more than just a companion. This all of course is not in any way insulting Mr.Dinklage's performance of the Ghost, as it seems players could care less about who's their sidekick and more about loot the devil walker over there is guarding behind that door. [spoiler] [b]tl;dr[/b] Narrative sounding Ghosts for players who want to be immersed in story. Tactical sounding Ghosts for players who want to feel more engaged in combat. Humorous sounding Ghosts for players who want a good laugh.[/spoiler] Now with all this being said the main question is, what other variety of voices should there be for Ghosts? Should they all be in-game content available on launch day or exclusive to DLCs? Will this bring added effect to the player's experience while enjoying destiny? And finally, what kind of "Ghost" would you prefer as the player to be your guiding companion while combating the [i]darkness[/i]? The choice is yours, [i]Guardian[/i]. [spoiler] [b]tl;dr[/b] If this is you: "dude i dont really care im here cuz im bored." ---> then click [url=]here![/url][/spoiler]

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