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Disliking gay lifestyle is understandable.

If someone goes hey I don't like gay people. They instantly get beat to death by groups of gays and gay supporters, but are they wrong. A lot of people see being gay as wrong because to some it just repulsives them. Which is understandable. I don't know about you but the thought of being with another man kinda makes me cringe. So I could understand why they would dislike them being gay. My second reason was gonna be religion but that is invalid. Let's look at the #1 gay hater. Christians. If all sins are equal then doesn't that mean that you're just as bad as a homosexual because we all sin. Of course just because you dislike the gay lifestyle that gives you no right to treat them differently. Being gay is/isn't a choice. There are those who have hormonal imbalances in the brain and body which can cause someone to be a homosexual. I suppose one could say they are free from judgment. But I don't understand how some choose to be homosexual. It boggles me. Could someone explain, preferably if you have personal experience.
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