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Feedback and suggestions for Destiny 2.
7/28/2014 11:34:27 PM

Bungie, I've brought bugs and feedback! (with video and screenshots)

First, thanks for the beta! It was a blast and I look forward to launch. Enjoy the sweet screenshot I took of The Birth of History. It works well as a desktop background! Now, onto some bugs. (This was all on PS4) [u][b]Fieldcraft Hood model stretch[/b][/u] The Fieldcraft Hood for the Hunter sometimes stretches through the world. At first I thought this was a one time thing, but it ended up happening pretty often. [1:08] [u][b]Bugged item upgrade description[/b][/u] Upon completing a story mission one of the rewards, the Darius-C, has an upgrade that is supposed to say "Precision kills with this weapon dramatically increase reload speed." But when you inspect it, it simply says "Outlaw." The fact that this was a story reward is most likely irrelevant however because it also happened with another random weapon I got shown in the pictures below. [url=]Pic1[/url] [url=]Pic2[/url] [0:47] [u][b]Out of place notification[/b][/u] The notification "Level Up: You can upgrade one of your Abilities. Press OPTIONS to open your Character screen" popped up one time when I logged out and immediately went back to the character selection screen. [1:02] [u][b]Interceptor Fireworks[/b][/u] In one of my crucible matches, the interceptors shots got stuck at point of impact. There were many loud constant explosions, and crazy firework displays happening at once. Eventually it stopped. This was the only time it happened. Skip to 1:30 for a more consistent look. Everything before that point is just in case you want to see everything leading up to it. You might also see the "fireworks" every so often before 1:30. [4:00] [u][b]Array model problem[/b][/u] A small bug/glitch or whatever. The model for the array that opens up in the 5th story mission is see through on one of its edges. Something I just noticed while running around in explore. It's right above the crosshair. [u][b]Some other feedback[/b][/u] -Did the dpad actions while riding the sparrow change to only work in the crucible? I didn't test it to much, im just now recalling that it felt like something was wrong/different from the alpha. -I could never see other players' ships in the crucible while in warp. The only time I saw another ship was if they were using the same as mine. (this was with randoms, I never ended up forming a fireteam) -It would be nice to be able to preview shaders without having to equip one first. IIRC once I got my first shader in Alpha, I could then preview all other shaders in the tower. Obviously I couldn't test if this still worked since you couldn't equip a shader in Beta. -Sometimes during a strike, players roaming the starting area had green names like my fireteam, even though they weren't part of my fireteam. This made it confusing as to who was on my fireteam for the strike. Maybe im just missing something, im not sure. And that's all i've got. I don't usually make posts so let me know if i've done something wrong. I hope this helps!

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