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Feedback and suggestions for Destiny 2.
7/28/2014 8:01:50 AM

The Lack of Wealth and Collective of Destiny’s Tower

I agree and wish for changes to be made


It doesn't bother me either way


I disagree and wish for no changes to be made


The small map of the Tower is full of beautiful vistas, music and scenery along with the Guardian headquarters which players will revisit numerous times throughout their journeys. In order to make use of vendors along with the various goods and services they offer, all before they jump off the tower from the lack of wealth, activities and social areas (interactions). Wealth The Tower is a predominant place for trade with vendors from every organisation present, yet denies players the opportunity to actually engage in trade by exchanging their own goods throughout an online marketplace. This exclusion of such a useful economic resource hinders the player’s ability to access good weapons and rewards for their hard earned glimmer or rare but undesired weapons. A functional trading environment would support player interactions and drive them to share new gear among players. Also the gun vendor doesn’t sell much uncommon gear which means players purchase next to nothing from him as the only gear he has is only of common level, this wastes all of his potential as a vendor and further adds to the need of an in game marketplace. The Guardians Collective Despite the Tower being portrayed as the epicenter of the fight against the darkness it has extremely little resources for players to exploit in their efforts. In fact besides gun vendors and a bounty board there are no other resources or activities at all for guardians, which coupled with the total lack of social areas are the reasons why player interactions are so very poor for a supposed social area. You can’t even sit down on any of the numerous chairs provided. A social area should be created where players can gather and participate in activities that give certain buffs until their next death. Envision walking downstairs from the Speaker to a dim room with fellow Guardians sitting on mats meditating, as their ghosts circle above a table in the centre emitting the light of the Traveler that illuminates the room. As more Guardians meditate the room grows brighter and as each one leaves it dims until it eventually grows completely dark. Participating Guardians would receive a %HP bonus as a reward, which increases depending on the players rank in meditation (just like Cryptarch ranks). This concept can also be applied to other areas such as bars, training grounds, firing ranges (the ever popular sparrow races) etc. to give the tower interesting, engaging and rewarding activities. Not only can areas such as this one easily gather players, engage them in a social activity and reward them for participating. They can add value and a sense of purpose within the collective organisation of Guardians to the game as well make the tower a much more interesting, fun and rewarding place to visit. Distinctive Organisations Currently the organisations represented in Destiny such as Dead Orbit and the Future War Cult don’t have interesting environmental settings around them which demonstrate who they are and what they actually represent. These organisations are supposed to symbolize beliefs and values held by many people but their environment fails to reflect that, with the Future War Cult reflecting a cartography club and Dead Orbit group having no area that really stands out. This lack of detail gives the player little reason to care about who these vendors are and what their goods actually represent which is a completely missed opportunity. Overall the lack of an in game marketplace, Guardian resources, social activities and unique organisation areas bring the Tower down. With the recently released Iron Banner area failing to show any signs of improvement.

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