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Feedback and suggestions for Destiny 2.
7/27/2014 4:10:44 AM

Bugs / Glitches Detailed

Everything included in this post is non-official information provided by myself (Distortion Fx ) The following post will cover my personal expierence playing the Destiny Beta As a Warlock Character. Some information is gathered from other players as well . A little Uneasy (Hunter) Sergeant Hovind(Titan) Personal suggestions will come at the end. ::The Tower: The Tower seems to be in pretty good shape. A good majority of collision detection is present, but there are some flaws around a few of the edges of the area . They re listed below. :NORTH TOWER: Once in north tower proceed to the speakers big room with rotating round object in the center. By the windows (on both sides) overlooking the city below, it is possible to walk along the edge on the outside leading back around the main floor. The the right side only, once you reach the barrier, your character will begin to float upwards for a very small distance before being pushed back to the (non-existent) ledge. With enough persistence, one can actually glitch back into the speakers room. ::THE IRON BANNER: This particular area has become my favorite . ONce inside, go as far as you can north. Then follow the ledge to the left. A well timed jump should place you on a obtuse looking ledge(theres a spot light below it) that you can then maneuver slowly outside of the Banner. Once around the corner, you can proceed forward a few steps before your character appears to be falling but goes nowhere. Once in this state you may go farther forward untill a solid wall is hit. Further investigation of this glitch is currently under way. ::THE STEPPES "EARTH" :: We've currently found a way to exit the map completely. utilizing a well timed glide jump, we land on a small ledge, run along a building, and from there through a death zone and out of the map. TO begin this, you must ignore the mission and continue on the map until just past the "air plane graveyard." Continue up the winding path up the hill till you reach a broken down truck on a patch of snow. There should be small group of enemies near the entrance to a door (normally two vandalls and a captain). Instead of going in continue around the building and climb a rock witha lone tree on it. (its above the entrance to the cave just below) ONce there, use a good glide jump and aim for where you can see the broken pipes up on the ledge. If done correctly, you should find a small ledge of collision detection to land. Once on this ledge, walk the ledge with the pipes carefully and make a left turn at the corner, once on this new straight, sprint forward towards the box containers and you should run right through them with a very small amount of resistance. If you get through, disregard the kill timer and run straight strafing right a very small amount. If done right, you should fall into a small triangle of space that dosent have a kill timer. This area has no monsters and full collision detection and only one way out...death. In one of the corners in the small space will present you with another death zone. Use this for escape. You can summon your sparrow, but it doesn't help very much. SO far, these are the only things we've really put work into. The following are all miscellaneous findings. Sometimes in PVP / The crucible , players have a delay time when dying. No not lag, a delay. The kill will be confirmed by the side bar, but the "dead" player will continue operations for a few seconds (sometimes enough for a kill) before they are forced for respawn. Some players have shown a "neverending " health pool . The shotgun seems to avoid hit detection through some walls. Some players are having their primary gun on spawn do 0 damage to other guardians. Small impacts will appear as if contact was made but no damage or "immune" pops up. Players who are being kicked or disconnected are receiving a "Crucible early quit warning." Myself and another guardian were able to reach the moon and remain there 45 minutes post close time for the moon area. Suggestions : Map while on planets Shorter Sparrow summon time Flashlight Toggle Friend/Random indicator colors. (When your fire team is in combat, their marker/waypoint should flash either yellow or red when in combat to alert team mates of the battle. 24 players per Tower server MAss Dismantle I'll do another Big post later but I hope this has helped ! -Distortion Fx

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