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Feedback and suggestions for Destiny.

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My story so far... (A Feed-back Tale)

So I've seen the gameplay videos of the beautiful scenery and glorious textures, but I knew what to expect when I loaded it up on my old 7 year PS3. Once your eyes focus on the action, you don't tend to notice to blended dumb down textures too much and get used to it pretty quick. [b]"Slow Down"[/b], by which I mean when the screen judders to level on par with a wedding slideshow. So far I've only experienced low framerate and looooooong load delays in the Tower when the player population exceeds 6 players. The only other slow down is also when I've quickly changed a item on my character quickly (again only happens in the tower) and it's trying to load up my avatar. This then affects me being able to interact with objects/npcs until it's finally updated the avatar. [b]Weapons[/b] - I've tried and tested all the weapons and so far have found the pulse rifles to not feel, solid or power enough. I think it's because of the kick back which prevents you from effectively achieving multiple precise hits on most humanoid targets. The hand cannon also lacks in prospect due to it's really slow fire rate. We're meant to be led to believe these weapons are only slightly underpar to the human's golden age? I think I'd take a Luger or USP.45 over the hand cannon, and why is there massive recoil in all the weapons? The sniper and rocket launcher deserve the recoil due to volumous damage, but the rest shouldn't feel to lively. Maybe a skill level on the different weapons might be a good idea, the more you use a weapon type, the more recoil compensation you get. Not every reanimated dead person is going to be a natural gunslinger. [b]"Skills[/b]" - I love the skills, and that the more you use them, the more they level up. However, I'm finding it really easy to progress. Even if I fail a lot, I don't feel any repentance. I'd feel a lot happier that should I fall in battle, that I'd suffer a minor penalty. Something like a 10% reduction in all skill and level progressions for each time you go down, and 25% if you go down in a mission and aren't revived by a team mate. It'd give us a reason to be more fearful than flying like a wild armed ninja at the nearest meat grinding insect without any concern that I'm going to die as I prep a rocket for my feet as a land with a bang. It would also be good for preventing people from "Rushing" using a friends higher level character to quickly boost them through harder level missions, if all your going to do is die from a single stray blue energy thing. [b]"Ships"[/b] - I do love to see the loading screens of old replaced by an animated ship that I fly around in. Even more happy by the fact you can buy your own variant of ship in different colours. But what additional use could they have? Why do they not deploy to the surface when they drop you off and whizz off again? [b]"Fireteams"[/b] - I would love to see 4-6 member fireteams in the full game, some of us are real friendly. So we have a lot of friends! I'm going to feel bad for telling Jim, Jazz and Dave I can't play with them because I prefer the company of Westwood and Jetson. I do love however the loot sharing, glimmer sharing and the effectiveness of rampaging around as a single unit like Tazamanian Devil. I would like to be able to give stuff to them as well though. [b]"Raids"[/b] - I'm loving the strike level, it feels just long enough and challenging enough at first. But once I've upgraded the skills ad weapons, it feels all too easy. So hopefully you'll have harder skill levels for these. If raids have more than 3 people, then I hope they are longer nad more difficult. [b]"Heroism"[/b] - I love the fact this game will have many moments when playing with friends when they go "Dude, you just stood on that walkers engine and blew the thing up point blank!", to which you kinda go "Yeah, you know right!!" and then feel chuffed you had the guts to make that run. Or when you slide under that possible killing shot only to pulverise that greasy alien into deactivated matter. The combat in this game is top notch, I've played many many many fps, and you've taken a lot of the good and put it in one. There is only one thing I'd like to point out and ask why to though, Why does your special ammo deplete when you switch your special weapon over? I forgive you though for being lazy and saying shotguns, snipers and fusion rifles all use the same ammo, that I can live with in a fictitious world. [b]"Earth"[/b] - Earth is a lot smaller than I remember, so is Russia. I'm hoping there will be multiple locations that will spawn up soon, as I can't believe that just by conquring Russia, that the darkness has then been removed from Earth. Will the other planets also be small in confides? If so, then the game won't be as monumental as I was at first expecting. That aside, I do like post apocalyptic, and I do like the feel and look of the beta confided area. It is however missy those small touches, like vulture for instance. Or small rodents scurrying from you in the recesses of a dank tunnel. The little pieces of detail can give that more realistic "I really do live in a dumphole" feel. [b]PvP[/b] - The levels I played on were completely different in feel, which is good. I played the moon level, which feel expansive enough as it needed to for the vehicular combat. It was satisfying to gun people down in a turret. Venus was beautifully sulphur with a feel of aztec from the crystal maze show. However it felt too constricting, it was more of a contest who could lay down the most amount of gunfire as they sprayed the caverns and walls than who had any skill, and a precision rifle and fusion rifle struggled against auto rifles and rocket launchers. The sensor meter seemed to give away where you were hiding as much as to those who were entering through an entrance. Maybe the deault should be to have this turned off. Players were also massively mismatched. I'm good at PvE, but should that reflect on my abilty to PvP? A different stat should be embeded into everyones profiles which reflects on their skill level in the crucible as well as the gear and hopefully that will make it a lot fairer. [b]"Critical Failure"[/b] - This is the first time my ps3 has had to endure a very unbritish heatwave and the rigmarole of running this game, the first two times it happened it took a while for the ps3 to cool off before I could turn it back on. The 3rd time it happened was with a fan up against it, the ps3 hadn't overheated this time as it felt pretty cool to touch and it's been used for hours at a time running payday 2 in the same temperature without any issues. All I can think is this game is possibly stressing the "Old" generation of ps3's to the edge. Maybe a "cool" mode option could be allowed in the options menu which will limit the FPS to 22-25 if this is affecting other people with third gen machines. [b]"Getting Stuck"[/b] - This is something I hate about games that have you going anywhere you want. It's one big issue that Borderlands 2 had, they never tested every piece of scenery to see if you could get stuck. So I went out of my way to jetpack/jump and crawl into every place I could find. I would like to proudly say, I've not yet once got myself caught into a piece of scenery yet that I couldn't get out of. I did however go to many places that gave me warnings and count downs to return, and many places I dropped to my death, but never stuck! [b]"Tower Drop Outs"[/b] - On several occasions I've been booted out of the tower due to losing connection with the server. I've logged in again just fine afterwards. The number of other people already in that instance of the tower seems to have no bearing, as it's happened when there were only 2 others in the tower, and also when it was busy with about a dozen people there. Though the game does slow down a lot when it tries to process over 6 people in one small area of the tower at any one time. [b]"Controls"[/b] - With the ability to customise your control style layout 'and' (Thank you) alternate the shoulder buttons for aiming/shooting and abilities means I had no issues with getting to grips with the game. The select button to bring up objectives and control on summoning vehicles or going into orbit makes it easy for me. I got to grips with the weapon selecting easily and not before long i was jumping, sliding and destroying anything in my path with ease. I was worried that having the special ability actiavtion involving a grenade button would cause a few embarising moments but I've not once done that yet. The aiming doesn't seem to feel as smooth as say for Payday 2, but I've gotten use to it with time. [b]"Leveling"[/b] - I've already mentioned before that it felt to easy with progression on skills, but it also seems the same with the levels. With only twenty levels to get through I would like it to feel like an achievement rather than a stroll, add some extra longevity to the game. I know there will be extra things to do once you reach level 20 with extra progression after, but I want this game to feel epic on a grand scale, not epic in lego tiny moments. If it means going through the same missions on extreme level difficulties to just get from lvl 16-20, then so be it! [b]"Language"[/b] - And I don't mean bad language, just that in Europe, there are several langauges and it would be nice to have an option to hook up with other people from my country than trying to talk single words with someone who speaks "Not English".

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