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7/21/2014 11:54:12 PM

All you XBOX players (rant)

Get hype. NOW. START DOING IT!!! GET FACKING HYPE!!!!! Destiny is about to dropship it's galactic nuts on your brain!!! You don't have to look at pictures or youtube vids!!! OR have PS players laugh at you while they suck at CRUCIBLE!!! YOU GET TO PLAY THIS GAME!!! YOU!!!!!! Make an EXO!! OR A HOT TITAN CHICK!!! OR a AWOKEN that looks like an ANIME CHARACTER... CAUSE YOU CAN!!! YOU'RE XBOX360 SITTING IN THE CORNER WILL BURST INTO FLAMES because it's soooo hype over HOW HYPE YOU WILL BE. THAT THING ISN'T EVEN PLUGGED THE HELL IN!!! BUT IT'S WHAT THEY DO!!! And it's free. The beta is FREE!!!! YOU KNOW WHAT FREE MEANS?!! It means you get to play this GLORIOUS BETA and SAVE YOUR MONEY!! You can by a bunch of MOUNTAIN DEW or a new Xbox360 to replace the one that got so hype it IMMOLATED!!!! And us over here at Playstation will be all like... "uh huh... sure the Beta's fun.. I mean, I'm kinda bored. I got my cape.. it's alright I guess. Will everything transfer over? I'm grateful and all... but pvp isn't balanced.. the golden gun needs to be nerfed..." OR OTHER SHIT LIKE THAT!! BUT NOT YOU!!! YOU!!!! YOU'LL BE LIKE: "HOLY SHIT IS THAT PETER DINKLADGE!!! MY GIRLFRIEND LOVES THAT SHOW!!!! GAME OF... a... I DUNNO I LOVE THIS BETA!!" OR "OMG THAT OGRE JUST... AH... ONE SHOTTED ME!!! THAT SO FACKING COOL!! I DON'T EVEN KNOW WHERE I AM" And maybe "I JUST POINTED AT THAT GUY AND HE WAVED BACK!!!!" "I've had enough for today... I kinda need to do some laundry... or study for the test on... NO I DON'T!!!! I'M GONNA SHIT ON THE DEVILS LAIR AGAIN!!!" "I CAN DANCE WITHTHOSE GUYS!!!!" "THEY'RE DANCING WITH ME!!!" "A PURPLE BALL!!!!!" So be brave!!! BRAVE ENOUGH to stay up ALL NIGHT and be tired for your AWFUL JOB the next day. Unless you're some kind of LITTLE KID with NO RESPONSIBILITIES... then PLAY THIS SHIT CONSTANTLY until you forget THINGS YOU'VE LEARNED or your parents tell you TO STOP cause it's not HEALTHY!! So get hype. For reals. Do it!

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