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Things i believe will make destiny a great game

You agree with my post.


You think I have no idea what im talking about.


you feel my post is only a start.


i feel like destiny as it is right now needs some changes to make it alot better, before anyone says it yes im aware its beta like everyone else but still the release is 2 months from now. the first thing i wanna say is boss exp needs to go way up. i did that little raid thing the other day the tank took almost an hr to beat and upon defeating it i barely saw a change in my exp bar. now for the end of that same raid i looked to see exactly how much the cube boss gave and saw it gave 250 exp it took 30 mins to beat that boss since it hit so hard and had quite a large amount of hp as i would expect from a boss. the thing is tho the regular mobs give 40-50 exp each and take seconds to kill those bosses took ages to kill and are worth only 5 mobs of exp that doesnt make any sense also it kinda makes boss battles feel like a waste of your time. 2nd is i feel like there should be more customization for weapons and armor. its cool that some encoded weapons have these additional effects and all but why not take it further and add attachments that can be added to them aswell so everyone can have a gun that works for them. from playing the game it seems like you all wanna appeal to fans of borderlands(rpg elements and warlock class in general) and fans of halo (the aethetics of the enemies and the little mount thingy), so i really think extra gun customization would add to the appeal right now everything kinda feels like its either a shotgun or an assault rifle. even cosmetic things would be nice so everyones gun and armor can be distinctly theres even if they are infact using the same gear. 3rd has to do with variety of enemies. again im aware its beta but being that this game releases soon i feel as tho essentially im seeing/playing a finished game. right now everything is either a mech of some kind or an high def touchup of a covenant species from halo. i just think that with the name destiny you guys should make more unique mobs to fight. like something noones ever done or if it was done before make it stand out as something unique to destiny. one last thing is the matchmaking. it seems alittle weird that you cant just join in with randoms doing a particular quest if your on the same quest, yet at same time you do allow it for the raid. there should be a looking for group/party thing added to the town or the area selection. it would promote more coop and who knows may even lead to some more friendships. i do like that before the actual quest areas it is essentially a hub of sorts where you will see random players walking around till you get to the dark zones where the real quest begins.

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