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Discussing Sony Exclusives. The bigger picture....

^^^ Datto does an excellent job of cutting through the fluff and getting to the heart of the matter.

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    Using games Call of Duty and The Division as an example of IPs that have timed exclusive content is ridiculous, and completely ignores the historical significance of this particular example. You'll notice people don't complain nearly as much about those games having such content, if at all. Now why do you suppose that is? Well, I'll tell you. It's because the developers for those titles didn't create a market on a particular platform. For this video to claim that the fact that Bungie developed exclusively for the Xbox is irrelevant shows a complete disregard to the historical significance of this problem as well. I don't know if this person is new to the community or what, but that is wholly disrespectful to make such a statement as that. Halo was THE Xbox game. It revolutionized the FPS genre in multiple ways, and cultivated a fanbase both around Halo and, more specifically, around Bungie. When Halo 3 released, it was on the Xbox 360. There were actually many people that followed Bungie to the console because they put out great products- not just people that followed Halo. Therefore, while switching to Playstation as a focus for their content, they are essentially forgetting about those people that followed them in the past, who developed a decade's worth of friendships and experiences on another platform largely due to Bungie. I've said this before and I'll say it again- nobody was complaining about Bungie including the Playstation with Destiny. Fans on the forums were actually PLEASED, because it meant Bungie was growing and would have a larger fanbase. The issue is that they aren't being treated equally- they're being treated BETTER. And after a decade of giving your all to Bungie as a fan of the company instead of the game, that is a very hard pill to swallow. Xbox fans were not asking for exclusive content because of their history with Bungie. Xbox fans were expecting equality. This video goes on to talk about how it is a good business decision. And from a money standpoint, it is... for Sony. And Activision. Not Bungie. And I don't understand how anybody could possibly say 'because it made them more money as a business decision, it is not a betrayal.' Excuse me? That's absolutely idiotic to say! Since when does profit determine morality? I'll tell you when: Since never. Insomniac games making games for Playstation then making an Xbone exclusive? Yeah, that sucks. But guess what? That doesn't suddenly make it acceptable or make it any less of a betrayal that a completely different company is doing nearly the same thing. Again, a really stupid thing to imply otherwise. Later, he goes on to say he would request Sunset Overdrive were only on playstation, but doesn't because he is a 'rational human being.' To which I reply... an ignorant one. This, my friends, is a classic example of somebody only hearing what they want to hear. You see, this user seems to be completely ignoring the fact that Xbox users are NOT asking that Destiny be exclusive to the Xbox One. They are NOT asking that they be given exclusive content instead. What Xbox users ARE asking for is that everybody be given the SAME content. And for this video to say that such talk is irrational? This seems like a very ignorant and close-minded person. Edit: Please note that 5 hours later, this subthread has far too many replies for me to get to everybody. Too many people are replying to random posts and's layout is not conductive of a large discussion. Since notifications only link me to the most recent reply, it is very likely I will miss a lot of you because the subthread is too long and too confusing to scroll through, now. Apologies to those I seemingly ignore.

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