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What's All This About Fairness?

I quite honestly do not expect this thread to change too many opinions. In fact, I could very well be wasting a good amount of my own time typing this thread out for no reason at all. But maybe, just maybe it's the part of me that believes at least some of you might begin to realize the reality and truth of what I'm about to discuss, and for me, that's good enough reason. I've been a part of this Community since June 2002. That is when I came to own my first copy of Halo: Combat Evolved. That is when I took interest in the developer known as Bungie, and since then I've continued to type in the same URL on a frequent basis to visit the same site, for the same purpose. Community. Yes, I came for the games, but stayed for the Community. Over the years I have on several occasions discussed a reoccurring activity that unfortunately will persistently exist in our world, just as much as it will exist here on That my friends, is what I like to refer to as petty arguing and pointless bickering. It makes for nasty and unpleasant conversation that always results in accomplishing one thing: Nothing. Pretty rewarding, eh? I mean, here we are at a very important time in our Community. We sit on the precipice of Bungie's next big title that we all our anxiously awaiting just as much as they are anxious to put their newest creation in our hands. All of these new things before us, coupled with a nerdy anticipation to experience something fresh and exciting that is just ahead us of us now, and yet all some of us want to do is complain and argue. "It isn't fair." "Bungie is betraying us." "Bungie owes it's REAL fans." These are things I've similarly read before, and especially since Destiny was announced to be multi-platform with the addition of offering PlayStation users a little something more. Before I continue, let me be entirely clear... I am ALL for expressing your displeasure or opinion with something. This is a forum, after all. A place where you can discuss your likes and dislikes, opinions, thoughts and ideas, creations, whatever you like. This is a huge part of what makes us a Community. This is what makes us unique. We interact and build relations with each other. Some of us over a stretch of time even become close friends with one another. This whole site is one giant social experience that is designed to bring people together over their passion for games. But obviously, the internet and its users are far from perfect. We sometimes decide to reinforce our own opinions by masking them as fact, and when that begins to fail we decide to attack our fellow Community member in a last ditch effort to make ourselves appear superior, believing that we've left our foolish ego somewhat intact. It seems this form of thinking has become even more popular as of late, with people persistently voicing their distaste for Bungie's marketing plan and their supposed "favoring" of the PS4 user base. Well, some might call it unfair, or they might accuse another side of being favored, but the truth is... None of this is true. At least, not in the way it's that its being made out to appear. Let's do a simple word equation, shall we? Bungie is a company that has developed many games. Companies seek to create a product that will turn a profit, in order for them to grow and succeed. Many consumers purchased this product, and in return received a game that they enjoyed for many years. Nowhere during any these transactions did Bungie sell to any consumer some intangible "loyalty" pass that would reserve future entitlements of any kind. Bungie is a privately owned company that is free to do as it pleases. This means, their decision to provide one type of consumer with something as a "bonus" is not something that should be considered "unfair". It simply, is. These are truths that I believe a LOT of us our forgetting here. This is why I wonder why so many people continue to argue back and forth between what is fair and unfair and why Xbox users are supposedly not being treated properly. I was an Xbox user for many years, and I paid for every single Halo game as well as any add-ons. Yet I have not convinced myself nor was I filled with any delusions that this had somehow earned me anything more that what I received for what I had paid for. Why do we feel so entitled? Has anyone bothered to ask that? What have we done personally to deserve anything more than the product that we paid for? Then let's take it one step further... If a member believes he or she is being treated unfairly by not being given the same treatment as a PS user, why resort to belittling Bungie as well as PS4 users? Are you so frustrated that you can't articulate anything beyond a childish rage-fit? How does that help you reinforce your point? That's right, it doesn't. And to PS users... You're being given something extra, or at least the opportunity to have something extra. That's cool! But why rub it in to the faces of people that don't have that opportunity? How do you think that makes you look? Do you think just because they play a different console that they are intellectually inferior? Do you know how ridiculous you sound? Do you see the reoccurring theme yet? There's no need for any of this. Bungie has offered something extra to PS users, likely to help create just a bit more of draw since this is a whole new world for them. It is crucial for their marketing to be attractive since they're now appealing to an entirely new population of gamers. As for Xbox users... We already know how incredible Bungie games are. We've been happily playing them since 2001, and PS users are just showing up late to the party, so it's time for them to play catch-up. When you stop and breakdown how unnecessary all of this bantering is, it makes it seem laughable that people would waste their time and energy fighting over something so insignificant. Earlier in this post I explained my fondness for this place, and the Community as a whole. It is for this reason why sometimes I feel obligated to post things such as this. It is simply my wish for people to enjoy this place for what it is without pitting themselves against one another, and to enjoy the interactions and company of others that have all come here for the same reason. We're here for our passion of gaming and to have a hell of a lot fun. Most importantly though, at the end of the day we're all on the same team, Community.

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