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IGN Destiny Analysis [Updated July 14th]

[i]IGN teased us with a video released not too long ago. We have some new information, and I have a hunch as to how the leveling system will work, among other bits of new information. Check out my video above! [/i] [b]This page contains a lot of new information, but check out a summary of this post with the video above--it contains additional content not mentioned below:[/b] Shortly into the video we see that a player is level 28 and 29 on his hunter and titan, respectively. Shortly thereafter, the titan's subclass is level 20. At the top right, notice that the player is level 29. From this information it is likely that 20 is the maximum level for the subclass. These levels are equipment parameters--meaning, that level requirements for equipping weapons and armor will only range from 1-20. After that, you progress through levels of "prestige." [b][u]You receive motes of light past level 20[/u][/b]. It is possible that the maximum level is 50 based upon previous Bungie games. Notice at the bottom of the bar during the gameplay with the exotic weapon, Red Death. Instead of a number, there's a small orb symbol. This symbol replaces the numerical value for those who have reached level 20. [b][u]After level 20, XP contributes to obtaining Motes of light; XP likely does not contribute to additional levels.[/u][/b] Motes of light are used to purchase high level gear. [Updated - Thanks to Shere Khane, Catalyst, and Raging Bung for the correction!] In the Alpha, for example, capes could be bought with motes of light. Unfortunately no one could buy them since the level cap was at 8; hence, no motes of light could be obtained.  [i]END of leveling system analysis.[/i] -[b]Perks[/b]- Before we begin, let's review the rarity of weapons and gear: [i]Common[/i](White) - Present and able to equip in the Alpha build. [i]Uncommon[/i](Green) - Present and able to equip in the Alpha build. [i]Rare[/i](Blue) - Present but not able to equip due to level cap. [i]Legendary[/i](Purple) - Present in Alpha build. [Updated] Thank you, Hylebos, for the correction. [i]Exotic[/i](Gold) - Not present in Alpha build. -Common items have no progression tree. You [u]cannot[/u] make these weapons/gear better by using them. -Uncommon weapons/gear introduced a progression tree. This tree is reminiscent of a perk system. These items had lackluster perks, but they were present unlike the common group. -Rare - [Updated] Credit goes to Rudis. See his comment below! -Legendary - Unknown. -Exotic - We see Red Death--an exotic pulse rifle(3-Round burst weapon). There are three perks the cursor moves over at this point. They are as follows: [b]Accurized ballistics [/b]- More range and impact at the cost of increased recoil. [b]Field Choke[/b] - Identical in description to Accurized ballistics; however, slightly more recoil. This is odd because field choke is the successor to accurized ballistics. Perhaps, the difference will only be known in a field test. [b]Red Death [/b]- Each kill heals you and speeds up reloads. The perk name implies that it is specific only to the weapon, Red Death. Based upon this information, [u]better perks are offered with higher tier items[/u](i.e. legendary/exotic). [b][i]Not only are these perks improved, exotic weaponry offers exclusive, unique perks not shared by other weapons--even other exotics[/i].[/b] It is probable that [u]average[/u] base stat weapons have [u]extraordinary[/u] potential with the unique perks that they are able to achieve. It is also probable that the Vault of Glass Raid will offer unique exotic items that offer very desirable, unique perks. Higher difficulties on this raid likely yield a higher chance of receiving these trophies. [i]END of perk analysis.[/i] [b]Mobile Application Information[/b]: It appears that players will have the opportunity of knowing the exact states on weapons and gear. We see this at 0:26 where the Rare Shingen-E Auto Rifle is featured. You also have the ability to manage your inventory. [i]Competitive game modes were also revealed on this mobile app demo. [/i] -[b]Skirmish[/b] - This will include CTF and perhaps a mode analogous to Halo's oddball among others. -[b]Control[/b] - This was the only PVP game mode seen in the Alpha. -[b]Lockdown[/b] - An area will need to be protected while an objective is met over time. -[b]Team[/b] - Team deathmatch. -[b]Rumble[/b] - Free for all. [u]Other bits of information: [/u] We see that the Titan's exotic helmet has a "Light" numerical value. Light improves ones ability to do damage. [Updated - Thanks to Qwerty the Great]. [b]Light values contribute to your level past level 20.[/b] [Information provided by Kempolazer -- See his comment below for an image.] [i]Thus, Light values from armor may be and most likely are the [u]sole determinant[/u] of your level beyond 20. It is unknown whether or not additional XP gained past 20 contributes to your level.[/i] However, the additional XP does contribute to Motes of Light. [b][i]Light values are specific to Legendary and Exotic gear[/i]. [/b] *In IGN's map tours, it appears that they are able to obtain playstation trophies. This functionality may be present during the public's play time with the Beta. If present in our time with the Beta, it is unknown whether or not trophies will carry over to the full retail launch. [b]---These are the known multiplayer maps available in the Beta[/b]: [b][i]First Light[/i][/b] - This map was featured in the Alpha. [u] [i] See this map here:[/i][/u] [b][i]Rusted Lands[/i][/b] - This map was also featured in the Alpha. [u] [i]See this map here:[/i][/u] [b][i]Blind Watch[/i][/b] - This is a competitive PVP map located on Mars. [u] [i]See this map here:[/i][/u] [b][i]Twighlight Gap[/i][/b] - This is a competitive PVP map located on Earth. [b][i]Shores of Time[/i][/b] - This is a competitive PVP map located on Venus. [u] [i]See this map here:[/i][/u] *Competitive Crucible maps are unique to PVP and will not be available in other modes. *Though we will be able play PVP on Venus and Mars in the Beta, it is currently unknown if these venues are free roam accessible. *Also, Riksis--the first boss we encounter--is part of the enemies housed in the old wall in Russia. In IGN's video, when encountering Riksis, the player's level is only 2. [b][i]This suggests that we begin our adventure in Destiny at the same point we saw in the E3 2013 Destiny Demo.[/i][/b] Be sure to check that out. [b][ Updated - [u]CONFIRMED[/u]] [/b] [b][i]New Info[/i](July 14th)[/b] IGN Companion App for Destiny link: *Any times, for example 1:17, will be relative to the video linked immediately above(i.e. IGN companion App Vid). -Grimoire cards are unlocked by achieving certain milestones in the game or finding items, such as dead ghosts. Each specific category of cards stacks on the previous card, reaching higher tiers.[i] Obtaining higher tier grimoire cards will provide very useful in game benefits[/i]--we do not know the specifics. -[b]New Classes possible.[/b] On the IGN preview of the mobile app, we see at 4:47 that there are 3 classes(warlock, hunter, and titan). We also see that there are three blank slots next to them, which possibly means that we will be able to unlock additional classes in game or get them with the expansions/DLC. -We acquire allies in game. This could be allied clans, NPC allies(may be faction related), or fellow fireteam members. We'll find out when the Beta launches. -Grimoire cards have rarity tiers that parallel that of weapons, gear, and other items(E.g. White is common.[i] See above for key[/i]). Cards for classes(Warlock, Titan, Hunter) are legendary(purple) tiers as seen at 4:57. I imagine that we may have additional classes to unlock, which will be exotic tiers. -Also,[b][i]if[/i][/b] this App is exactly the one we will use in the Beta, this is significant. We will indeed be able to get to level 20, access the third tier, rare, weapons/armor, and gain access to the following story missions: [b]*[/b]Exclusion Zone - Mars Mission [b]*[/b]A Stranger's Call - Venus Mission [b]*[/b]The Buried City - Mars Mission [b] *[/b]Scourge of Winter - Venus Mission [i]Also[/i], if you notice at 2:30, the scroll bar does not go nearly to the bottom when viewing these missions. This means that multiple attempts at the same missions are listed, or there are a lot of story missions in the beta(again, if this app is indicative of specifically beta content). This makes sense as we do have the confirmation that there will be [i]four [/i]chapters of story missions in the Beta. -At 2:40, we see "subclasses 2/3," implying 3 subclasses per class. [Credit - Tyger and txchieftain] Tyger's thread: (Destiny) -If you have found anything else in the video worth mentioning, let me know and I'll give you credit. Thanks! [i]Did you interpret any of IGN's information differently? [/i]Let me know your thoughts! Also, [b]check out my channel[/b]: [i]I'll be releasing Destiny footage from the Beta when it drops on the 17th. I used to be an avid Halo player, and I believe I can give some helpful advice in your adventure in the Beta, the full retail launch, and beyond! [/i]Thank you all, again! [i]

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