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50+ Tower/City ideas here

[b]Note[/b]: [b]Want can easily lead to expectation. Don't expect any of these ideas in the game.[/b] All of the ideas you see below were made by a member of our community. Most are serious, some are silly. Ideas I came up with: 1. [b]Museums[/b] that have info on the most legendary Guardians, artifacts and loot found in PvE (could show items on all the planets so you know what to work for), and have clues from Bungie (audio logs, hidden words, pictures, and riddles) on how to find weapons and armor. 2. [b]Halls of Fame[/b] for PvE and PvP where you can see statues of Guardians and watch highlights of their gameplay. 3. [b]Theaters[/b] where you can watch and make highlights, machinima, montages, and movies from PvE and PvP with your friends. 4. [b]Arenas[/b] where you can watch, compete with, and bid on other Guardians in variety of tournaments, matches, and events. The layout of the arena would be random and change depending on the number of Guardians. You can invite players to play with or against you; when someone wants to 1v1 you everyone can watch. 5. [b]Arcade[/b] where you pay Glimmer to play arcade games. All of the Glimmer is given to the bum, [i]DE4THINC4RN4TE[/i]. 49. [b]Bungie Studios[/b] and [b]The Fist[/b] 51. [b]Forky[/b] Ideas the community came up with: 6. [b]Libraries[/b] that have info on weapons, planets, and armor. 7. [b]Libraries and Museums[/b] could have clues from Bungie (audio logs, hidden words, pictures, and riddles) on how to find weapons and armor. This could weed out the weak and lazy because they wouldn't have have the willpower to decode clues in order to unlock awesome weapons and armor. 8. [b]Simulation Rooms[/b] where you can make maps from scratch, have matches (custom games), learn and improve skills through training, and practice raids and strikes on a variety of planets. 9. [b]Casinos[/b] where you can play games of chance with other players for Glimmer and gear. 10. [b]Dance Halls[/b] that have dance competitions and every style of dance. 11. [b]Housing[/b] so you can change your gear (weapons and armor), customize your living space, display your achievements, invite others to hang out while waiting for events (PvP, Raids, Strikes, Tournaments). You have a place to sleep so we don't have to sleep on the streets. That's [i]DE4THINC4RN4TE[/i]'s job, he's the city bum. 12. [b]Guild Housing[/b] that must be bought using Glimmer. Guilds can have weapons, statues, loot, highlights from their journeys, and armor here. Guilds can also discuss ways to improve player skills, strategies for missions and tournaments, and player performance. 13. [b]Race Tracks[/b] where you can watch, participate, and bet on track events and a variety of races. 14. [b]Bar/Cantina/Nightclub[/b] exclusively for forum members. Your account here would have to link up with your PSN ID or Gamertag. Think of the war stories we could hear. We would hear everything ranging from horror stories about fighting the Hive to myths about what we lies in wait on distant planets such as Neptune. The bar could be a combat area. Think of the Star Wars scene where Han Solo shoots Greedo. [b]Bars are confirmed.[/b] 15. [b]Garage/Hangar[/b] places where you can customize your ship and your mounts. 16. [b]Barber Shop/Salon/Beauty Parlor[/b] places where you can change the way your Guardian looks under their armor. 17. [b]Armorers & Gunsmiths[/b] like futuristic blacksmiths. They could make you custom armor and weapons and upgrade your armor and weapons, yet you would have to find parts for the weapon or armor you want. 18. [b]Plazas[/b] places in the tower where you can show of your weapons, trophies, and supers; everyone would be safe because in the plaza everyone would be invincible. 19. [b]Black Market[/b] place where you can buy anything if you can pay the outrageous prices. 20. [b]Training Grounds[/b] a place for the weak and strong to improve their skills through a variety of tests. 21. [b]Marketplace/Bazaar[/b], a place to set up shops and purchase items. 22. [b]Lab[/b] that is used to modify your gaming experience and research enemies. You mix chemicals together and drink them. They give you unique supers, gameplay effects (slower, faster, stronger, etc.), and color distortion (black and white, sepia, etc.) for a limited time. Research the bodies of enemies to figure out their weaknesses, strengths, and anatomy. 23. [b]Taco Stand[/b] where Guardians can eat tacos to prepare for or reflect on missions. 24. [b]Chess[/b], it's the perfect way to strategize. 25. [b]Planning Room[/b] so strangers, guilds, friends, and factions discuss ways to improve player skills, strategies for missions and tournaments, and player performance. 26. [b]Faction Headquarters[/b], a place where each faction has it's own massive guild hall featuring living spaces, courtyards, armories, public message boards, hangars, and rec rooms that house games of chance (poker, blackjack, etc.), board games, and arcade games. By leveling up within the faction you can be promoted and gain access to exclusive clubs, bigger and better quarters, and a premium ship docking area. 27. [b]Observatory[/b], a place where you can study the Traveler and gaze at stars, planets, and comets. 28. [b]Riddles[/b] hidden throughout the tower/city that give vague clues as to the location of weapons. 29. [b]Target Practice[/b] and various other mini games for specific weapons. Each game would have leaderboards so we could see who the deadliest guardians are for different weapons. 30. [b]Ghost Mechanic[/b], place where you could pay Glimmer to get new colors, voices, and shapes for your Ghost. 31. [b]Bounty Missions[/b], the tower gives you a specific target and you set out on patrols to kill him/her/it. Difficulty may vary depending on how many you have done or experience such as stalking, tracking, planning for days. 32. [b]Cabal and Hive Strip Clubs[/b], nothing brings pleasure like rhino titties and rotting Hive flesh. 33. [b]Bathroom[/b], because everyone uses them. 34. [b]Art Gallery[/b], a place where art is made and seen. 35. [b]Armory and Firing Range[/b], the armory provides ammo so you don't have to waste your own. If you want you can leave your gun, which then becomes available for others to rent in exchange for glimmer which is given to you. 36. [b]Morgan Freeman's Voice[/b], everything he says is awesome. 37. [b]Radio Towers[/b], used by the FOTC for military intelligence and by civilians for news broadcasts, music, etc. 38. [b]Awoken Clairvoyant[/b] hidden in a dark corner of a room hidden deep within the Tower, the pale glow of his eyes are the only things that give away his location. This clairvoyant gives you treasure maps, riddles, and audio logs that hint the location of rare items yet he requires a fee that must be payed in Glimmer. The fee increases depending on the rarity of the item, he can't help you find exotic items. 39. [b]Courtroom[/b], a place where 7 judges elected by the people decide the fate of the accused. 40. [b]City Hall[/b], a place where faction leaders can talk about tournaments, problems, missions, bounties, banishment, and acceptance. Guardians can vote on issues and discuss problems there. 41. [b]Carnival/Festival[/b], a place with rides and mini games. If you win these mini games you be rewarded with a unique currency. The currency can only be used at these shops. The currency is used to buy unique armor, weapons, clothing, and decorations for your house. 42. [b]Recreational Centers[/b] with fields and courts for Destiny themed sports where Guardians compete in events that rival Grifball. 43. [b]Porches[/b], a place where you can remember, observe, and plan. 44. [b]Vehicle Depot[/b], Engineers give you blueprints that show what materials are necessary to make specialized vehicles. Players can search for the materials or sell the blueprints for Glimmer. 45. [b]Tutorial Course[/b], a place located in the outskirts of the city for recruits to learn skills through lessons, challenges, and matches. 46. [b]Large AA Cannons Under Construction[/b], because someday the wall might not be enough. 47. [b]Space Race Monument[/b]. This monument could be on a cliff. It could have these words inscribed: [b]To infinity and beyond.[/b] Players would get a running start and leap off the cliff. A cliff would be on the other side. If they went fast enough they could make the jump and get a medal (trophy or achievement). 48. [b]Rooster Teeth Building[/b] and [b]Guardians questioning their purpose and the purpose of the war.[/b] We all want to hear, "Why are we here?" 50. [b]Golden Urk Statue[/b], massive statue in front of Bungie Studios. 52. [b]Garbage[/b], DE4THINC4RN4TE needs to eat sometimes. 53. [b]Chicago Style Pizza[/b], Chicago has some of the best pizza in America. 54. [b]Gardening[/b]. You could grow exotic vegetables there and they would grant you access to new supers for a limited time. 55. [b]Elevator To The City[/b] so we can see the people we are protecting. [b]Post your ideas below. I might add them.[/b]

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