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A few things I'd like to see implemented in the future. Bungie take notice.

First off I'd just like to say Destiny is amazing, and I take back anything that I've said over the past few months. I really wasn't sold on Destiny and I only pre-ordered to get into the Beta. In fact if the Beta didn't do it for me I had full intentions to cancel my pre-order. Boy was I wrong. I got into the Alpha like many others, for those of you who didn't I'm sorry and you have my sympathies. Like many others, I've played the Alpha constantly since getting my code. I was made it to level 8 in under an hour. Since then I've been exploring like crazy and just learning the Ins and outs of this beautiful game. Over the course of that I've noticed a few things that irk me but can easily be fixed. Hopefully they will be addressed in the Beta stage or full release. 1st) [u][b]Character Creation[/b][/u] I was pleasantly surprised with the character creator. It's not overly complicated yet it's very simple. A little too simple for my liking. I understand that 90% of the time our faces will be covered by our helmets, but still as I'd like to see a little more. As a bearded man I would love to see some facial hair options. That was literally the first problem I had. No beards that's kind of lame guys. Second the hair options while nice, are a tad bit too "Anime" for my liking. I fully understand the sci-fi-esque nature of this game. I can see how those hair styles fit, but it still left me asking for more. Perhaps some normal short hair styles that don't seem hipsterish. The long hair while nice, seems a bit too feminine for me. Perhaps you could also ad some nose, eye, and eyebrow shape options. I'm not looking for something overly complicated where you spend a good 45 minutes scaling each facial feature to your liking. Just something so not all characters have the same facial features. I wan't my character to look unique both in the battlefield and in The Tower. 2nd) [b][u]Quickswap [/u][/b] Here is something that didn't bother me too much, but it could use some improvements. Being able to switch your weapons on the fly. The menu is nice and all, but some type of system where you can favorite certain weapons and switch to them instantly without having to open your menu and switch. It's kind of annoying if I'm in the middle of battle I have to go and find cover and switch to my desired weapon as fast as I can...hoping that I'm not killed in the process. Perhaps make use of the touch pad for this feature. Some type of pop up menu that you can scroll through with the touch pad. While on the subject of weapons. Handcannon's why are they just primary weapons? I think they would make a much better secondary, but if the quickswap option is implemented it's not that big of a problem. 3rd) [b][u]Crafting [/u][/b] I may have picked up on this being an upcoming feature. I'm not entirely sure, but since you can disassemble weapons and get items like weapon parts. I can only assume that there will be crafting in some form in this game. Along with crafting I'd also like to see a player based market that you see in most MMO's. Having the option to create and sell weapons would introduce other way's of making Glimmer other then the norm. 4th) [b][u]Player ships [/u][/b] I love the fact that the actual loading screen is your ship, and that your able to buy different looking ships. It did leave me wondering if that's all the ships are for. Just to look pretty in our loading screen. Maybe some type of space combat could be put in? Even games like SWTOR where the ship is primarily just form of getting to one planet to another. They have space combat. I'm also wondering if there will be different speeder's you can get other then what's available now. Maybe Pikes? Something with weapons. I'm mainly wondering because when enemies get dropped in via drop ships. Those drop ships can take damage, but I don't think there are any weapons that can actually bring them down. Overall as I stated above this game is amazing. It's perfectly fine the way it is, just thought I'd offer some input of my own.

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