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[url=][u][b]Cabal[/b][/u][/url] On the forefront of Mars, you'll find these powerful giants. The Cabal are a militarised alien force with clear ranks and classes, similar to that of the Ancient Romans of our own history. They come in four known classes: - [url=]Legionnaire[/url] - [url=]Centurion[/url] - [url=]Psion[/url] - [url=]Gladiator[/url] [u][b]Darkness[/b][/u] This monstrous force is as powerful as it is unknown. It nearly destroyed us, but we know next to nothing about it. According to the Grimoire, it's depicted as a storm of Darkness, mainly thunder clouds. [url=][u][b]Fallen[/b][/u][/url] The Fallen aren't your typical alien force, but then again, what is? They are more like us than we care to admit. They've become scavengers, picking up scraps to survive and traveling around in scouting packs. Once, they were from noble, powerful houses. Now, they are but a shadow of their former selves. They believe Earth is rightfully theirs and hold large hideouts like the Devils' Lair that few venture to strike. They are based off of people like the Saxons and pirates. They come in three different variants: - [url=]Dreg[/url] - [url=]Vandal[/url] - [url=]Captain[/url] They also have two known mechanical combatants: - [url=]Shanks[/url] - [url=]Devil Walker (Spider Tank)[/url] Lastly, they have one known vehicle: - [url=]Pike[/url] [url=][u][b]Hive[/b][/u][/url] These zombie-like creatures reside in the deepest pits of our worlds. The lurk in the shadows of Venus and the caverns of the Moon, which is where their main lair is. The aren't afraid to close the distance between you and them so they can slash you to pieces. They are based off of Egyptian history and mythology. They come in five different forms: - [url=]Thrall[/url] - [url=]Trooper[/url] - [url=]Knight[/url] - [url=]Wizard[/url] - [url=]Ogre[/url] [url=][u][b]Vex[/b][/u][/url] The Vex are time traveling robots made of both cybernetics and organic material. They are merciless and will slaughter you without hesitation.They are strongly based off of Greek history and mythology. They come in five different variants (but we've only properly seen three): - [url=]Goblin[/url] - [url=]Minotaur[/url] - [url=]Hobgoblin[/url] - Harpy - [url=]Hydra[/url]

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