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Stop the Xbox and PlayStation War!

[u]Updated thread with E3 info[/u] For quite a while now, there has been a war going on between Xbox and PlayStation. Honestly, its pointless! Just because PlayStation will get the Beta FOUR DAYS early, an extra multi-player map, an extra strike mission, and Alpha access, doesn't mean that Bungie betrayed Xbox. Seriously? It really is just so silly and pointless! Bungie would never betray their Xbox community, most especially the one they have been building for 13 years! Since the Xbox community is already strong with Bungie, now they are trying to build the PlayStation community. Together as a community, we should be excited for this! Both consoles are great, and in a perfect world we would have both. For Xbox users, just be grateful that Destiny isn't a PlayStation exclusive. And most of all, be excited that we have something that PlayStation users will never have, and its the reason we are all here talking on Bungie today: [b]Halo[/b]. I could not be happier as an Xbox user, to know that I will be able to play all FOUR Halos in 1080p in 60fps with over 100 multiplayer maps with dedicated servers on ONE disc for $60. Just the fact that we get to relive Halo again in all its glory, beats all the exclusive content that PlayStation has to offer. It's a good time to be an Xbox user, so be happy about it. For the PlayStation users, please stop bragging about all your special content. I'm actually really glad that Bungie (Activision) is trying to grow their fan base with PlayStation, and I will be there to support you guys with all the fun stuff you will be doing. Even so, it doesn't give you any reason to brag and put us other users down. Instead of feeling "betrayed" by Bungie, we should realize that they are trying to build the community. No matter what console we play on, we are playing the same game. We should be excited about that. As an Xbox user, of course I feel left out. I wish that I didn't have to buy a PS4 to get all the extra stuff, but thats just the way it is. Complaining about it like immature adults, will affect the community in a negative way. So do a favor for me, yourself, Bungie and everyone else, and stop complaining and bragging like immature gamers! And for those that have chosen to grow up and use logic, thank you! [i]RizeoftheFallen[/i]

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