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IDEAS FOR DESTINY (Now with argyle)

This is a list of things that I, and anyone who posts a good idea on this thread, have had. Enjoy. [b]∆ [u]GAME MECHANICS.[/u][/b] - Hardcore mode - No Mini-map, lowered heath, no ammo counter, no health meter: Just pure, unadulterated skill. - This would have to be implemented in the form of special servers, and missions in Hardcore mode would have higher drop rates, and give you a higher chance of receiving high quality loot. - Lens flairs/frost effects - (this is for you, J.J.) - When coming from dark places to bright places, a (small) lens flair could really add to the beauty of the game. And on a similar note, when fighting/playing in cold, snowy environments, frost could form around the sides of the HUD. I don't know about you guys, but that just makes snow combat all that much more badass for me. These would be optional (I guess). - Loot-able Caravans - I already made a thread on this that you can check out [url=]here[/url] - This could be both implemented as a PvE free-roam encounter, a special mission in the story/as a side mission, or it could be a multiplayer mode resembling CTF where two teams fight to bring the caravan to their base. - Clan Housing - Similar to the clan Dojo from warframe. This structure/location would allow players in a clan to build gear and weapons together, have clan based activities, trade, and do whatever the hell they want. If you wanted to raise this up a mark or two on the badassitude scale, this structure could be on/in an asteroid. (Suggested by Qwerty the Great) - "THE ENIGMA CODEX" or some other shiz - Essentially a Destiny version of shift codes, However these codes are entered in the same manner as the 17 card codes we have already seen released. These codes would provide the player with high level, randomized loot to help incentivize players to come back to Destiny after leaving for other games. (Suggested by Flint27) - B.Net member items - Nothing with in-game functionality, but if it's at all like the flaming helmets in Halo, I will be Psyched. More [url=http://]here[/url] [b]∆ [u]GAME MODES IN DESTINY[/u][/b] - Defense missions - Not the Destiny version of zombies - If humanity is in a real "war" with these alien races, it would be unrealistic to only go on the offensive, right? Remember the Alamo? These encounters would essentially be a public event where a group of players defend a location from an onslaught (Not like CoD, in b4 CoD Chilluns arrive) of enemy forces. This would require players to work together to defend multiple entryways around the "base" that they are defending. - Arena fights - Players would face-off against various enemy types from Destiny. The higher the wave, the harder the enemies get, and the better the loot gets. (Suggested by Ukimoi) - Community OPS - These would be large scale battles/missions where large portions of the community could work together to fight large groups of enemies. These missions would have broad objectives and many smaller objectives that could be achieved in order to aid the overall mission. Participants would be rewarded for their involvement. These events would last several days, and Bungie could hint to them in tweets or weekly updates to help the community plan for an event. (Inspired by a comment by Flint27). - 1v1 Deathmatch - Just you and your selected opponent, each player has a limited amount of lives and players must use their wits to outsmart the opponent. Cloaking disabled. (Suggested by Pheonix) - Rap battle arena - LOL no, that would be dumb. [b]∆ [u]SETTINGS IN DESTINY. [/u][/b] - I would like the ability to jump into someones fire-team without fighting my way through several menus. However you would be able to set whether your fire-team was open to everybody, friends, or required an invite. - The Ability to easily change FoV (field of view). It's surprising how many games lack this feature, when it is so easily implemented. This wouldn't be unbalanced because a large field would make targets on screen smaller, and harder to hit. However a small FoV diminishes your peripheral vision. - The ability to turn on/off Enemy health, type and level bars. Some people find them informative, however I feel that they just make the game that much less immersive. - Custom HUD - Basically the next level of the past two combined. Allows you to move and shape all the HUD elements. (Inspired by a comment by ExtraWolf). ∆ [u][b]GUN STUFF[/u][/b] - Modifiable munitions - Separate from elemental garbage - Shotgun round types: Buckshot, Darts, Slugs, Incendiary, Explosive, and Shockwave. Rifle rounds: Airburst, High Velocity, High Impact. Pistol: Broad-head (opens "wings" on impact), Tracer, High velocity. - Railguns - As we all should know, rail-guns fire rounds through an electromagnet at speeds unachievable with normal rounds. However, I think that we should be able to quickly switch the size of the projectile being fired, as there is no bullet casing to be accounted for, however these shots would have a smaller mag size. - Argyle - self explanatory. [i]THANK YOU, if you made it through all my ideas. If you have a really good idea, you should say it in the comment section, and if I like it, I will add it to the list (with credit where credit is due, of course).[/i] Also feel free to join the group: Team Potato

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