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Dark Souls Community, Help a Brother Out?

So after 100%ing Dark Souls II, I decided it was time to do the same with Dark Souls. For the last two weeks I have gone back and worked at it, getting around 10 achievements. Now I have but two left to try for. Rare Weapons, and Magic Enchant. Now, the sad thing about Magic Enchant is that unless I want to spend an eternity farming the Moonlight Butterflies in the Crystal Cave (insanely low drop rate), I have to play the game again all the way until the Crystal Caves so I can pick up the Blue Titanite Slab- the only one in the game. I have a +9 Magic weapon and the slab is all I need for that achievement (no Bonfire Aesthetics here, unfortunately!). Regarding rare weapons, I calculated everything I need and I need [i]exactly[/i] 99 Large Titanite Shards (if I bought them it comes out to 400k souls, unfortunately). I also need one Soul of Gwyndolin and one of Sif (the latter of which isn't actually too bad since you can get that nearly right away). So I still need: 99 Large Titanite Shards 1 Blue Titanite Slab Soul of Sif Soul of Dark Sun Gwyndolin And I will have 100% in Dark Souls. Now, I can go and NG++ the game until I get back to Crystal Caves, but I thought I'd ask if anybody cared to donate to the 'Save Burrito 20 hours Fund.' I'm SL119 on the Xbox 360. I'm not exactly expecting anything, but if making a thread does have a chance to save me so many hours... well, might as well give it a shot, I figure. Edit: I've spent all day grinding for stuff. I forgot I needed rare weapon drops from various enemies. I gained the 400k souls needed to buy 99 Shards and to upgrade all my stuff all the way to boss soul level solely from farming Silver Knights for the Silver Knight Spear (I received 8 shields, by the way). All that's left would be the slab and those two souls. SL 120 if anybody wants to toss me a Blue Slab, hah. Edit 2: Turns out I actually DID have another Dark Sun Gywndolin soul! So now all I need to 100% this game is a Soul of Sif and a Blue Slab. So close! Edit 3: I felt guilty for asking for help. So I soloed the Blue Slab and the last two Souls I needed in NG++ in one sitting just now. I have now 100%ed Dark Souls.

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