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Marty is dead.

Before you jump to conclusions, let's be clear about some things. The man we've known and loved over the years, the man who entered our hearts through his music, the man who was recently let go from Bungie… IS NOT MARTIN O'DONNELL. Throughout the course of this thread I intend to show you just how this impostor infiltrated Bungie, and for what purpose. [quote]The year is 1969, the Vietnam War rages on, the Space Race is at its strongest point, and The Beetles are in the twilight years as a band. In September of this year, a book detailing how Paul McCartney is dead and was replaced by a doppelgänger. This book spawns a popular urban legend, "Paul is dead". The practitioners of Beetle-mania quickly take hold of this, sparking a world-wide search for clues and information pertaining to this supposed replacement.[/quote] This seems fantastical, simply another tale of obsessed fans going too far… Except it's not. Unbeknownst to the general public, the events laid out in the book that spawned the "Paul is dead" Legend are true. (Mostly) What was originally taken as a funny joke spanning an entire culture slowly died out, existing only in closed communities. The impostor McCartney still exists to this day, working… but for what purpose? [quote]According to the book, Paul McCartney was replaced in 1966, right at the peak of The Beetles' popularity. Paul was an integral part of the Beetles, which had major influence over a large portion of the most powerful population on the planet, the United States of America.[/quote] Why replace Paul? The reason for this is somewhat horrifying. The book claims that the other Beetles knew, and hid information in their songs and art. They were afraid of Paul, but why? [quote]Using the Beetles, someone or something was able to send out messages through the songs, much like the other members did in later years. The change of who was writing the message lead to the distinct tonal-differences seen in certain songs.[/quote] Through my own research, I have discovered certain rhythms present in specific songs that have been classically linked to cranial-nuero reprogramming, AKA Mind Control. Whoever wanted to control the populous has been influencing events through mass-social persuasion for some time. This is not a solo event. Running the rhythms through my own private database and cross-checking them across multiple groups across several time periods reveals that many groups and individual singers were involved. All of them insanely popular and VERY influential. Elvis, Miley Cyrus, Michael Jackson, Insane Clown Posse, and even various bands dating back to the mid-1920's have all shown these same rhythms. [quote]The rhythms have been flooding into the minds of the American populous for decade now. Only a fraction of the people alive have existed in a time where this was not present, and even they have in all likelihood succumbed. With the advancement of technology, the ability to ship messages farther and faster quickly became more relevant to [i]their[/i] plot. The advances made came with increases in the types of media on which the messages could be spread. They began branching out. During the 90's it quickly became clear that video games would become one of the best ways to disseminate messages. They needed to replace someone who held the reputation to get where they needed to go. This is where Marty comes into the picture.[/quote] Marty? Why would he be involved? Let me tell you, Marty was one of the best, and [i]they[/i] knew if they could replace him with one of their agents, they could go anywhere. [quote]During the 90's a promising composer by the name of Martin O'Donnell suddenly has a "realization" that video games had a strong future as a way to give music to the population. This is what is officially told to the public. What actually happened was [i]they[/i] found him, killed him, replaced him, and faked a "realization" that would give them an excuse to enter the game industry. Marty is dead.[/quote] So why did Marty get fired? What happened? I can tell you that something went down. They messed up. They got sloppy. They fell into habits and became predictable, allowing me to track down all this information. [quote]Just ten days after Marty joined Bungie, they were bought by Microsoft. This would give them an even bigger base of people from which to work with. Over the years, "Marty" was able to subtly influence the path of Bungie. He got sloppy though. He started leaving hints in his work, contacting his handlers without taking the proper precautions. It caught up with him. Marty is at the top of the world for someone in his position. His work will soon be shown across more platforms than ever before since Bungie choose to expand to the Playstation after leaving Microsoft. All these events were influenced by "Marty" of course. Even the project title, "Destiny", shows the ideological backdrop of his actions. He was sloppy though, and during a communication with his masters he is discovered by none other than Jason Jones. Mr. Jones had been suspicious of him for a while now, having discovered that some sort of group only went after those in the spotlight. This is why he practically disappeared from public life during the mid to late 2000's. He was helped by someone to get to this point. Much in the same way I discovered the messages, Jones had looked for patterns across all forms of media. He discovered something going so deep that it would shake the world to its supposed core.[/quote] What was this? How would it affect the world? What he found was a resistance, founded by old members of The Beetles after their breakup. He came across one agent broadcasting a rather crude and simple code. He is known as "Beat", but to the rest of the public he is simply called "Skrillex". [quote]Marty had been discovered, Jason Jones was snooping around, and he needed help. His Masters sent in one of their best agents, someone who had been in the field for a long, long time. It was none other than the impostor of Paul McCartney. Working together along with fellow Agent Salvatori, they were able to increase the rate of production and release some "examples" of the music to the public early. "Music of the Spheres" was quickly sought after and loved by many. However this angered Jones, leading him to contact Skrillex. They planned over the months before finally firing Marty in early April of 2014 in order to cut off his access to the public, even if temporarily. However Salvatori was unknown to Jones and able to use his influence to keep the music in Destiny.[/quote] So who are the "Masters"? Why is this happening? What is going on? Who else is involved? I can say that when Marty was stripped of his power, he went straight to the link between his Masters and himself. This link was discovered in my search of specific signals and rhythms hidden in online messages. The link was Jaden Smith, representative of… The Crab People. It is no surprise that Jaden was somehow involved. His attempts at communication always had seemed somewhat… off. [quote]Jaden is currently attempting to help get Marty down to the inner-core of the Earth (Which is hollow) where the Crab People reside. His cover is blown and he is useless now. Right now I can do nothing more but give this warning. The Crab People have returned, and they want their surface world back. Trust no one.[/quote] They are almost here. I will no longer be able to continue my work. Please show this information to anyone who will listen. The world has a right to know. -DE4THINC4RN4TE tl;dr [spoiler]DE4TH explains the story of how he uncovered the fact that Jason Jones and Skrillex teamed up to fight Paul McCartney and Martin O'Donnell, who are actually two of many famous "Advance Agents" sent to control the world through Musical Mind Control and are in league with Jaden Smith and the Crab People of the Inner-World in their attempts at World Domination.[/spoiler]

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