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Smash bros direct discussion.

Super Smash Bros. hits 3DS this summer, Wii U this winter Super Smash Bros. will launch for 3DS this summer and for Wii U this winter, Nintendo announced. Tons of new information was revealed. Find it all below. New Fighters Charizard Greninja (which I guess fits the bill as a Pokemon from X and Y) New Returning Fighters Zero Suit Samus - In the previous game, she was designed with slightly less physical strength. So she’s been given a pair of jet boots, giving her kicks that combine power and speed. She also has improved recovery ability. Sheik - Her moves have been polished, and two new attacks have been added. “Burst Grenade” is a side special that sends out little bombs that blow up once you pull the pin up. “Bouncing Fish” is an acrobatic kick technique. Yoshi - Yoshi now stands upright to be more in line with recent models, rather than like a dinosaur standing on two legs with a bent back. The changes make Yoshi even stronger, according to Nintendo. New Details on Previously Announced Fighters Zelda - Her down special is now a new move called “Phantom Slash,” which summons a Phantom to attack or defend. It’s possible her phantom will get reflected back, however. Kirby - A “Hammer Flip” technique has been added. Press and hold the button to let the power hold up and unleash it. If you build the move up to maximum power and don’t use it, however, Kirby will take damage. Kirby’s final smash has been changed to “Ultra Sword.” Dedede - He now throws Gordos instead of Waddle Dees. Lucario - He now has stronger Aura attacks. When in trouble, it’ll do even more damage than in the previous game. However, powering up too much will land you in trouble. Lucario can also Mega Evolve, making his Aura attacks always do maximum damage. Olimar and Pikmin - Only three Pikmin now follow Olimar. Pikmin are now plucked in a fixed order – red, yellow, blue. Once dispatched, next come white, then purple, and back to red again. With their reduced numbers, the Pikmin are easier to see and manage. Olimar’s recovery move has also been changed to “Winged Pikmin,” which see the Pikmin fly Olimar through the air. Pit - His gliding mechanic has been cut. In its place, Pit has been powered up in a number of areas. The power of flight is an easy to use recovery move. And his final smash has been changed to the “Three Sacred Treasures.” Rosalina and Luma - Rosalina’s “Luma Shot” sends Luma out and brings it back. Luma can wander on its own and attack separately. Rosalina and Luma each have their own set of moves and can each fight somewhat independently. Her side special is called “Star Bits” and lets Luma fire a number of projectiles. Her up special is called “Launch Star,” a nice long distance recovery move. Her down special is called “Gravitational Pull,” which will draw in items and might even render enemy shots ineffective. Her final smash is “Power Star,” which combines shooting stars with a gigantic one. Little Mac - On the ground, his attack power is extreme. He can also shrug off some attacks. His smash attacks hit at megaton levels. Unfortunately, his abilities in the air are extraordinarily weak. His ability to recover is also “kust terrible.” Little Mac also has a power meter. Connecting attacks and taking damage fill the Power Meter, and when it’s filled, he can hit a K.O. in one punch. His side special is the “Jolt Haymaker.” His up special is the “Rising Uppercut.” And his down special is the “Slip Counter.” His final smash is his transformation into “Giga Mac.” The classic Wireframe Mac will be available as a costume choice. Mega Man - His final smash calls in help from his famous co-stars MegaMan.exe, Mega Man X, Mega Man Omega-Xis, and Mega Man Volnutt. Wii Fit Trainer - They fight with healthy techniques. “Deep Breathing,” the down special, helps unify the mind so their attacks hit all the harder. The “Sun Saluation” neutral move is a projectile that can be created and saved for later use. The male and female models are both playable–each have the same heights and powers. 3DS-Exclusive “Smash Run” Mode In the 3DS version features a game mode called “Smash Run.” In this mode, up to four players can run through an expansive dungeon exploring, fighting enemies, and obtaining power-ups like speed, attack, and jump. After the five minute time limit is up, the four powered-up fighters will enter a battle arena using their newly equipped items and power-ups. Different enemies will appear randomly each time you play. 3DS Frames Per Second The 3DS version will run at 60 frames per second in stereoscopic 3D. Some of the assist trophies and Pokemon, however, will move at 30 frames per second. Custom Move Sets Players can now customize move sets when playing locally or online with friends. More information about this feature will be announced in the future. Stages The stages will be completely different betwee the 3DS and Wii U versions. Some stages will appear on both platforms, but the designs will differ depending on the system. In the 3DS version, each stage will have two songs tied to it. In the Wii U version, you can go into “My Music” to find a trove of songs from past Super Smash Bros. games. 3DS Stages Reset Bomb Forest 3D Land Spirit Train Gerudo Valley Arena Ferox Tortimer Island Living Room Prism Tower Rainbow Road Find Mii Balloon Fight Jungle Japes Wii U Stages Mario Galaxy Pyrosphere Town and City Boxing Ring Pilot Wings Skyloft Windy Hill Garden of Hope Wii Fit Studio Palutena’s Temple Halberd Some of the stages will have appeared in previous titles. Each system will have different past stages. In the Mega Man stage “Wily Castle,” the Yellow Devil boss character will come flying out of the castle and attack fighters. Players can attack the Yellow Devil by striking its eye. The player who gets the last attack on the eye will be able to use his final explosion as an attack against competing players. Boss characters make an appearance in other stages, as well, but details were not announced. Most stages also has its own “Final Destination” mode, meaning a flat version of that stage. Online Play Online play consists of two modes: For Fun - Stages are random (no Final Destination). All items are dropped, Smash battles only, and only wins are recorded. For Glory - Final Destination and Final Destination versions of stages only. There are no items, one-on-one battles are possible, and both wins and losses are recorded. Nintendo is also taking measures against naughty players. Temporary bans will be issued for players who start a match and not play, relentlessly target a specific individual, perform repeated self-destructs, frequently drop out of matches, cheat, or report other players for invalid reasons. Players will be ranked on the new “Global Smash Power” system. The higher the stat, the stronger the player. It indicates how many people you have outscored. Items These are some of the items that will appear in the game: Beam Sword Bumper Smart Bomb Motion-Sensor Bomb POW Block Beetle Fire Bar Back Shield Bombchu Fairy Bottle Ore Club X Bomb Hocotate Bomb Rocket Belt Steel Diver Assist Trophies These are some of the assist trophies that will appear in the game: Andross Devil Knuckle Joe Saki Amamiya Lyn Nintendog Waluigi Dr. Wright Skull Kid Mother Brain Midna Ashley Dark Samus Chain Chomp Isabelle Elec Man Color TV-Game 15 Pokemon Master Balls, which house only hard to find Pokemon (like Arceus), have been added. Here’s a list of some of the Pokemon appearing in the game: Meowth Electrode Eevee Staryu Metagross Fennekin Meloetta Gogoat Entei Deoxys Palkia Kyurem Victini Keldeo Xerneas I will update with the info from the article when more becomes available. If you missed the direct, watch it here Lots of trolling from Sakurai. Is ridely really a boss? Screens over here Discuss!

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