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What We Know

[i]What is Destiny?[/i] Destiny is a FPSWSMMAORPGBS + TPS. It's also been classified as "a Bungie" by the community and "We don't know what to call it" or "A Shared World Shooter(?)" by Bungie. Destiny is based 700 years in our future. With the coming of the mysterious being known as the Traveler, the Golden Age of our species began. Technology, exploration, and more all advanced with the Traveler's own technology and magic. The Warminds were created, the Exos and Awoken came to be, and every planet in our solar system was traversed. But not all was well. Not many years after the arrival of the Traveler came the Darkness. Seeping out of the dark space between our solar system and the universe beyond came a great enemy. With its coming came the Collapse. All that was once strong and proud became a shell of ruin. It nearly "stamped us out", but we endured, with great thanks to the Traveler. It sacrificed its own well being to save us, or at least so we think. It now hovers dormantly above our Last City, providing only dreams of hope and a dark shadow. But this is where we start, in the recovery stage of humanity. It is up to you, Guardian, to save our great city from the coming Darkness. Prepare, for it is not over. [url=][b][u]Classes[/u][/b][/url]: [url=][b]Hunter[/b][/url] - The Hunter is Destiny's "rogue" class. They used to be outlaws and bandits, but have become stealthy Guardians. They scavenge for items as their tattered cape trails behind them. [url=][b]Titan[/b][/url] - The Titan is Destiny's "warrior" class. They are tough, well armoured soldiers. They were the first to build the Wall and many died defending it. [url=][b]Warlock[/b][/url] - The Warlock is Destiny's "mage" class. They started a scholars studying the Traveler, trying to learn more about its magical properties. Through their studies they learned to wield it. [url=][b][u]Races[/u][/b][/url]: [url=][b]Awoken[/b][/url] - The Awoken are "space-elves". Changed by the magic of Traveler, the Awoken can to be. You could say that they were "awoken" by the Traveler's arrival and magic. [url=][b]Exo[/b][/url] - The Exo are ruthless machines that were built by the Traveler's Warminds. They are self-aware, robotic, and highly capable fighters. They were created by the Warminds (which were created by the Traveler) as some sort of soldiers. They have been re-awakened from their Post-Golden Age slumber with no memory of their original purpose. [url=][b]Human[/b][/url] - The Human is a familiar, strong, and intelligent race. They existed before their brethren came to be and still fight for their planet to this day. [b][u][url=]Factions[/url][/u][/b]: (we don't know much about them yet) [b]Dead Orbit[/b] - Has some relation to the Traveler (also is apparently the best orbit.) Based off the Traveler's geosynchronous orbit. [b]Future War Cult[/b] - Shouldn't it be Present War Cult? [b]New Monarchy[/b] - Queen of the reef? Maybe. Edit: Maybe not. [b]Osiris[/b]* - The name comes from Egyptian mythology. Osiris is the god of death. [b]Seven Seraphs[/b]* - In the Old Testament, Seraphs serve as heralds of God. Their name could have many meanings in the Universe of Destiny. * Possibly not factions similarly to the FOTC. [b][u]Enemies[/u][/b] [url=][b]Cabal[/b][/url]: - Large, rhino-like creatures who wear pressurised armor and wield heavy weapons. - The known types are Gladiators, Centurions, Legionnaires, and Psions - Based off of Roman culture and mythology - Psions are much smaller and tend to be pilots for the Cabal drop ships - Have a feud with the Vex and are fighting on Mars [url=][b]Darkness[/b][/url]: - The Darkness is what almost destroyed us. According to the Grimoire, it's depicted as dark stormclouds. Cheery. [url=][b]Fallen[/b][/url]: - Agile aliens who think Earth is rightfully theirs - Vandal, Dreg, Captain, and Shank. There's also Rixis, Archon slayer - Based off of the Saxons and pirates - Shanks are seemingly machine drones - They have Pikes and Devil Walkers [url=][b]Hive[/b][/url]: - Zombie-like enemies that are based on the Moon - Based off of Egyptian culture and mythology - Thrall, Trooper, Knight Wizard, Shriekers, and Orge (we know of Phogoth). They've devoured many worlds. Too many. - Based in the Moon (Hellmouth) - Thralls don't use weapons, Knights use sword-cleavers, Wizards use magic and command, Ogres smash and shoot laser beams from their eyes - The Hive have kept themselves alive for a very long time using some sort of magic [url=][b]Vex[/b][/url]: - Primarily robotic but they do have some organic material to them; they're also time-travelers - Based off of Greek culture and mythology - Goblin, Minotaur, and Hobgoblin - Their stronghold is on Venus [url=][b][u]Weapons[/u][/b][/url] - Only one exotic weapon can be equipped at once - Each weapon slot has its own (coloured) ammunition - Weapons have skill trees - Each class has its own melee weapon(s) - Primary, secondary, and heavy are the weapon slots - [u]No weapons are class specific[/u] - Some weapons can be purchased while others can only be obtained in the Frontier/loot or through factions. [url=][b][u]Armour[/u][/b][/url] - Only one piece of exotic armour can be equipped at once - Each class has their own unique item; Hunters have cloaks, Titans have waist cloths or badges, and Warlocks have armbands of some sort - Arms, legs, torso, helmet, and accessory (TBA) are the categories - Armour pieces also have skill trees - [u]Certain armour pieces are class specific (cloaks, robes, and sashes)[/u] [u][b][url=]Focuses[/url][/b][/u] (Has its own thread) [url=][u][b]Vehicles[/b][/u][/url] [b]Sparrow[/b]: Guardian's personal land transport. It's appearance is (initially) based on your class and it's performance can be upgraded as you use it. There are different variants of it, such as the Shrike. [b]Personal Space Ship[/b]: This can be customised and upgraded. It takes you from major location to major location. [b]Pike[/b]: A Fallen land vehicle that has a forward-stationary machine gun. [b]Devil Walker[/b]: A six-legged tank with thick armour and multiple forms of firepower. No word on if we can use them. Locations now have their own thread. [b][u]Characters[/u][/b] [b]Ghost[/b]: Your AI companion on your journeys. It will light up dark places, give you advice, and control technology when needed. [b]The Queen[/b]: She is queen over the Reef and will play an important role in Destiny. She will also do things like give missions to Guardians. [b]Charlemagne[/b]: A Warmind situated on Mars. We don't know if it is still active, but that is plays some importance in the story. [b]The Speaker[/b]: He is a scholar who has extensively studied the Traveler and its Light. He wears primarily white with the tricorn emblem on it, as well as a white mask with a brown hood. He seems to play a major importance in the Guardians' lives. His is dressed similarly to the Warlocks but may not be one. [b]The Companion[/b]: A mobile applications (possibly separate from the Bungie app) that provides information about Destiny and your character therein. [b]The Director[/b]: Some sort of mapping interface that provides information for things such as strikes. The Nine: Based on (from what we can tell) Egyptian, Greek, and Celestial influences. [b]Strikes[/b]: Cooperative game modes that provides a progressive adventure for friends and strangers. [b]Raids[/b]: Competitive, challenging story-based modes that require multiple players. There will be no split-screen. More updates to come.

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