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3/13/2014 10:48:19 PM


Ok, so this is my theory for what the Osiris faction's mindset will be. Let's begin with the name and logo. Osiris is the Egyptian God of the Underworld, as well as life and death. Thus so, I am to believe the logo is the famous Eye of Providence (or "All Seeing Eye") as seen on the back of the dollar bill, Yugioh, etc. Now, Osiris (God) has many Origin stories, but I will focus on only one. Osiris (God) was once a Pharaoh, killed by his brother Set, brought back to life by Osiris's wife, impregnated her, died again, cut into 72 parts by Set and spread across Egypt, and was collected by his wife, at which time the God's, impressed with his wife's devotion, resurrected Osiris as the god of the Underworld. He's associated with the growth of plants, the rising and receding of the Nile, and resurrection. The Eye of Providence is commonly used in religion and is usually related to knowledge and divinity. Often depicted as an eye (duh), there are variations such as a triangle frame or beams of light and glory. And, now my conclusion: Osiris is Destiny's futuristic Illuminati. [spoiler]Just Kidding[/spoiler] My [b]ACTUAL[/b] conclusion: Since the Osiris symbol obliviously depicts an eye, and a bit less obviously, what appears to be a sun, with "beams of light or glory", this is what I believe to be what Osiris might be. A sadistic faction believing that the only way for humans (and Awoken/Exos) to regain control through annihilation of the alien groups and the darkness. A benign faction that supports the preservation of knowledge and the growth of food for The City, as well as maybe having a "Cult" relating to sun. A sadistic faction that greedily preserves knowledge for only a select few (might also have racial divisions, though probably not). I also believe they might have connections to the Hive, as they were described as "undead royalty" (a common theme with Egyptian Pharaohs). Please forgive me if I was a bit all over the place, and feel free to leave a comment.

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